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New Zealand is popping up the next must-go spot

Waiheke Island Yacht Club interior

Throughout history, it's been hard to discount the cultural contributions of New Zealand, which a) was the first major nation to have universal suffrage and b) produced the chick who played Xena, Warrior Princess!!! Now adding a c) to that already great list: Waiheke Island Yacht Club, a Kiwi-born restaurant now popping up for America's Cup (which apparently runs until September??) at Pier 29.

Yeah Nah at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

With the restaurant being from the team behind NZ's Clooney Restaurant -- one of only two restaurants in the Land of the Long White Cloud with a "Three Hats" distinction (NZ's version of the Michelin star program) -- the bar program's a blend of Zealand and local, with cocktails like this also-named-after-what-you-are-often-told-after-bad-pick-up-lines Yeah Nah, a combo of whiskey, smoked plum, PX Sherry, and Creme Yvette.

MOA at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

These are tap handles from the premium NZ brewery Moa, which relies on "traditional, costly, inefficient, and labour-intensive techniques"!

Tartare at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

With the food also from the award-winning team, their goal is to show you what exactly New Zealand cuisine is, actually flying in ingredients from the island to make unbelievable dishes like this oyster-, radish-, fresh horseradish-topped "Hawke's Bay" cervena tartare.

Salmon at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

This artistic edible is their salmon with eggplant, coconut, roe, and rocket emulsion (which sounds a lot cooler than arugula emulsion... which is what it is).

Red Snapper at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

Their version of a Bloody, this Red Snapper is a combo of Bombay East (Bombay Sapphire with black pepper and lemongrass), Clamato, and Sawyer's nickname for Kate in a bikini (Waiheke Island spice).

Lamb at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

Nice (Silere Merino lamb) rack (w/ olive, tomato, feta & parsley puree), Waiheke.

Cocktails at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

This cocktail has violet jelly on the rim. Discuss.

TCHO Crunchy Bar at Waiheke Island Yacht Club

Incorporating the work of the local chocolatier, this pile o' deliciousness is a TCHO "Crunchy Bar", with honeycomb, Mandarins, and a New Zealand honey, or Lucy Lawless if you happen to be Gabrielle.