This donut breakfast sandwich will change (or end?!) your life

Leave it to the guys at carnival-themed restaurant Straw to come up with a breakfast sandwich with two donuts for buns. And leave it to us (!) to go try one and tell you all about it.


Dubbed the "Texas State Fair", this new, super breakfast sandwich is the latest and donut-iest addition to Straw's just-dropped brunch menu (which you can find hidden inside this children's book).


Awesomely, the donuts for this thing are made from scratch, which all starts with this awesome egg action-shot (sploosh!)...

Dough ball

And ends with the biggest donut you will ever see! Okay, no, they actually just roll this dough out into a giant, flat sheet.

Cutting donuts

Unlike an actual donut shop that has machines that do most of the work, Straw does pretty much everything by hand, including cookie cutter-ing the aforementioned sheet into donuts.

Frying donuts

Then, after letting it all rise overnight (sheesh! donuts take a lot of work), they throw a couple of these puppies in the fryer...

Salivating noise

... which they then glaze individually, because delicious.

Egg frying

For the rest of the sandwich, they fry up some bacon and a perfect egg.

Texas State Fair

And boom goes the donutamite: the Texas State Fair, with a fried-egg, cheddar & jack cheese, and bacon, all sandwiched between two homemade glazed donuts.