The Best 50 Sandwiches on Ike’s Secret Menu

Joe Starkey

You know Ike's Place? The amazing sandwich shop almost everyone in the city loves? Yeah, turns out they have a secret menu with over 400 sandwiches on it. Here are the 50 you absolutely want to order (along with their menu numbers from before they were taken off and secret-ified).

Joe Starkey

#26. Jeries' BIG MEAT Sandwich: Roast beef, turkey, salami, pastrami, ham, Jack. Like meat? Like all of the meat? Good, Jeries' is the sandwich for you.

#20. Paradise Found (SF only): Ham, pineapple, marinara, Provolone.

#22. Will the Thrill (SF only): Halal hot link, dirty sauce, Jack.

#27. The Chris Jericho: Steak, teriyaki, cheddar.

#31. Jack Skellington: Thinly-sliced rib eye steak, steak sauce, mushrooms, cheddar.

Joe Starkey

#47. Harbocalypse (Stanford/SF only): Fried chicken, sweet chili glaze, bacon, avocado, pepper Jack. AKA, what Costco calls running out of their $7 Dockers, the Harbocalypse is what would happen if Chinese food and Mexican food had a sandwich baby, and it was amazing.

#41. Mr. Sanderson: Bacon, mozzarella sticks, avocado.

#59. Christina & Umair Go To Ike's Place: Turkey, ham, salami, bacon, Italian dressing, avocado, Provolone.

#60. Lord Of The Flies (SF only): Ham, pineapple, BBQ, pepper Jack.

#64. Robert Louis Stevenson (Monterey only): Turkey, bacon, red pepper pesto, Havarti.

Joe Starkey

#50. Jon Lum: Steak, bacon, onion rings, cheddar. The SF architecture firm is apparently responsible for designing a pretty unbelievable sandwich that's every kind of Wright, Frank Lloyd.

#67. Bad Santa: Chicken-fried steak, marinara, pesto, Provolone.

#87. Legend of Zelda: All-beef meatballs, marinara, fried zucchini.

#88. Super Man: Roast beef, pastrami, turkey, ham, salami, bacon, avocado, Jack.

#90. Get Over It: Halal chicken, mozzarella sticks, honey mustard, avocado.

Joe Starkey

#83. Dirty Ernie: All-beef meatballs, Ike's red pesto, ranch, pepper Jack. This mildly spicy, tangy delight is like a meatball Parm, but with gusto/RANCH!!!

#93. Big LEE-Bowski: All-beef meatballs, bacon, mozzarella sticks, ranch, red pesto, HABANERO.

#94. King Hippo: Ham, stuffed jalapeño poppers, bacon, American.

#96. Mills Vikings: Halal chicken, Ike's red pesto, ranch, pepper Jack.

#101. Cowboy Curtis: Pastrami, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, BBQ sauce, cheddar.

Joe Starkey

#104. Jim Harbaugh (SU/SF only): Chicken, sweet chili sauce, avocado, pepper Jack. Weirdly enough, this sandwich belongs nowhere near the sidelines. It's still not great with interviews, though.

#105. If I Were Straight: Roast beef, mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, avocado, Swiss.

#107. If I Were Cute!: Halal chicken, mozzarella sticks, bacon, pesto, ranch, cheddar.

#108. Do You Smell What BARACK Is Cooking?: Thinly-sliced rib eye steak, BBQ sauce, cheddar.

#109. Ex-Girlfriend: Halal chicken, bacon, honey mustard, avocado, pepper Jack.

Joe Starkey

#110. Don't F' With E. K.: Chicken, teriyaki, wasabi mayo, mushrooms, Swiss. While you may not want to "F'" with E. K. (that's Ike's nickname, so yeah, you definitely don't wanna do that), you definitely are going to want to "F'" with this Asian version of a Swiss mushroom chicken.

#116. Aisle 1: Roast beef, mozzarella sticks, BBQ.

#121. Jose Canseco: Turkey, bacon, Caesar, Jack.

#122. Ike's Red-Hot Soaring Sausage(SF only): Halal hot link, marinara, pepper Jack.

#125. 756 NO Asterisk (also known as Terrell Davis): Turkey, bacon, avocado, Swiss.

Joe Starkey

#92. Hot Date 4 Hire: Thinly-sliced rib eye steak, stuffed jalapeño poppers, extra-dirty sauce. Not just your AIM screen name from 1998, this steak sandwich packs a cheesy punch provided by the poppers.

#129. Randy Hahn: Ham, dirty sauce, cheddar.

#130. Ex-Roommate: Halal chicken, bacon, marinated artichoke hearts, Caesar, Provolone.

#131. Material Boy: Ham, honey mustard, mushrooms, Havarti.

#133. Clint Eastwood: Roast beef, Ike's yellow BBQ, onion rings, Swiss.

Joe Starkey

#69. Sexy Boy: Thinly-sliced rib eye steak, mozzarella sticks, extra-dirty sauce. It's like a regular ribeye steak sandwich, just with half a dozen mozzarella sticks stuffed in it. NBD.

Joe Starkey

#126. Mark Appel: Fried chicken, BBQ, honey mustard, real honey, cheddar, Swiss, pepper Jack. Named for a Stanford Cardinal/NCBWA Pitcher of the Year/really-delicious-sandwich-inspirer who later signed with the Astros.

#140. 40 Year-Old Virgin: Chicken-fried steak, mozzarella sticks, marinara, ranch.

#144. The Palin (Salinas only): Halal chicken, chunky blue cheese, Buffalo wing sauce, mozzarella sticks.

#154. John Connor: Steak, habanero, mushrooms, avocado, mozzarella sticks.

#167. Smashmouth: Bacon, cream cheese, Provolone.

Joe Starkey

#305. Harvey Milk: Grilled cheese (choose up to four kinds) + mozzarella sticks. Get your pride on with a cheesy tribute to our fallen supervisor. James Franco with a perm not included.

#220. Waikiki (SF only): Vegan turkey, pineapple, marinara, Provolone.

#256. Nacho Girl Supreme: Wild salmon burger, bacon, mushrooms, avocado, Swiss.

#284. Wa-Luigi: Vegan meatballs, marinara, stuffed jalapeño poppers.

#286. Bowser: Vegan meatballs, marinara, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers.

#290. Kirsten Dunst: Vegan chicken, beer-battered mozzarella sticks, honey mustard, avocado.

#292. Pirates of the Caribbean: Vegan chicken, zesty orange glaze, pepper Jack.

#504. The Thunderbird (Mesa Exclusive): Pastrami, Thunderbird sauce, smoked Gouda.

(no number yet) Robin Williams: Halal chicken, mushrooms, Italian dressing, pepper Jack.

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor. He has lots of extra sandwiches at his house if you want one, otherwise follow him on Twitter.