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10 things you didn't know about It's-It Ice Cream sandwiches

Joe Starkey

The one thing you know for sure about It's-It Ice Cream sandwiches? OhMyGodThey'reDelicious. And the other 10 things you for sure DON'T know about It's-It? Well…

For four decades, you could only get it (!) at one place

And that place was San Francisco's now-defunct Playland-at-the-Beach, where super-genius George Whitney birthed the It's-It in 1928.

They briefly stopped making them in the early '70s

Mostly because, well, Playland closed. In 1974, four bros realized that was the dumbest thing ever, and started remaking them in a Burlingame factory and selling them to mom-and-pop shops. Those guys were the best.

It's-It has four regular flavors: vanilla, chocolate, mint, and cappucino

But it also has two much-more-important, SEASONAL flavors: strawberry and pumpkin.

The It's-It Ice Cream Co. actually makes three other kinds of desserts

There's the Big Daddy (like an It's-It, but with chocolate wafers instead of oatmeal cookies), the Super Sundae (basically a sundae on a stick), and the Chips It, which is an It's-It but with two huge choco chip cookies.

They make 100,000 It's-Its a day in their Burlingame factory

That's a half a million. A week.

The chocolate waterfall that every ice cream sandwich passes under? It's called the Chocolate Enrober.

Good name.

Every It's-It spends a half-hour in a 50-below-zero freezer before being dipped in chocolate

Then, once it's dipped and packaged, it spends another one/two WEEKS in a freezer before it's actually distributed.

Google's Mountain View campus has Google-branded It's-Its

Of course they do.

You can get a case of It's-Its anywhere in the continental US

As long as you're okay with paying $65+ for shipping directly from the factory.

There's an It's-It Ice Cream Factory Shop located at their Factory in Burlingame where you can get exclusive flavors and products

PLUS: There's an It's-It Ice Cream outlet in Suisun City, CA (that's where the oatmeal cookies are made) called Family Cookie Co. where you can get ELEVEN assorted It's-It creations for just $10.

Grant Marek is a Thrillist Senior Editor and has bought approximately 3,428 mint It's-Its from a corner store on Divis. Follow him on Twitter. And friend It's-It too while you're at it.

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