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Where to go after the bars close in SF

Published On 12/11/2013 Published On 12/11/2013
SF Best Night of Your Life

When the sun sets, you’ll still want to be spending the night enjoying the fun-est nightlife the city has to offer. Well, thanks to our recommendations, here are eight of the raddest places in SF to do some late-ass eating. Check out the picks below:

Congratulations, you found a hot chick at 4a! Sadly (not sadly?), it’s just the name of a burger at SliderBar.


There’s pretty much no beating a 24hr diner in a city that is pretty scarce on these spots, especially when it’s super easy to walk to from three neighborhoods.


El Farolito
The Mission
Need burritos at 330a? Of course you don’t, but El Farolito is here to help you make mistakes and wake up surprisingly full anyways!


If you happen to be in the TL area around 355a... GET OUT!!! But first grab some pretty delicious Korean fried chicken from Cocobang, which's open 'til 4a on Friday and Saturday.

Flickr/British Mum

Pizza Orgasmica
The Marina
Sure, a lot of pizza places are open late, but a lot of them A) don't actually have good ‘za, and B) don't have the word "orgasm" in their name. Enter Pizza Orgasmica, where you can get hot and heavy with a Serpent’s Kiss (cheddar-garlic sauce, lemon-pepper chicken, provolone, Parmesan, Romano, zucchini & green/red onions).

Yelp/Ed U.

North Beach
If you somehow find yourself in North Beach at 3a because you definitely weren’t at a strip club, it’s time for a double-burger at Sam’s -- a no-frills, greasy spoon (ew, has anyone ever thought about how gross that saying is? No?) diner that stays open 'til 330a.

Wing Wings
Lower Haight
The ultimate spot for Lower Haight-last call post-gaming, Wing Wings slings deliciously tossed chicken handhelds 'til 2a on Fri/Sat. Ask for the Angry Korean. Trust us.

Southside Spirit House
Yes, most bars are open until 2a, but do those bars also have a kitchen that’s open 'til 1a? Yeah, that’s right. Feel free to order some pizza and beer-braised corn beef sliders at a time when most bars have already had 'last call'.

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1. SliderBar 2295 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

Slider options count the D-Lux (Kobe beef w/ Swiss, pickled onions, little gem, chipotle ketchup, truffle aioli), the 3 Alarm (w/ habanero pepper jam, sliced serranos, pickled jalapenos), and the Hot Chick (ground chicken w/ a serrano/garlic/lime/tomatillo patty, and crushed tortilla chips on a multi-grain bun) -- all of which can come with regular, garlic, truffle, or sweet potato fries in a solo-sized "regular" or a catcher-from-Sandlot-sized "family".

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2. Sparky’s 24 Hour Diner 242 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

Sparky's is a late night haven doling out milkshakes, burgers, and delicious fries, all amidst some jukebox tunes.

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3. El Farolito 2779 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 (The Mission)

Figuring out which taqueria to go to in the MIssion can be tough, but you can’t go wrong with El Farolito, one of the neighborhood's OG burrito havens, which happens to also be within perfect stumbling distance of numerous bars and the 24th Street BART. The super burrito is where it’s at, with a hefty dose of rice, beans, salsa, guac, sour cream, and whatever delicious meat you choose (carne asada is a good call).

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4. Cocobang 550 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (Union Square)

Cocobang is a late night Korean checklist joint; mainly, their fried chicken is the perfect end to any night.

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5. Pizza Orgasmica 3157 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (The Marina)

Popular among the late-night Marina crowd, Pizza Orgasmica slings out far-from-average pies until 2am. The signature Orgasmica pie is topped with pepperoni, salami, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper, but another hit is the five-cheese Menage a Trois, made with feta, ricotta, provolone, Monterey Jack, and light parmesan. Delivery is available, but eat there to pair the restaurant's house-brewed beers with the crazy good pies.

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6. Sam's 618 Broadway St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (North Beach)

This Bourdain-approved burger (and pizza) hole-in-the-wall has been keeping San Francisco fed on the cheap since 1956 (often well after midnight). If you've had a long night in Chinatown there are few better decisions than spending $8.99 on a beautifully simple old-school cheeseburger, a pile of fries, and a Coke.

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7. Wing Wings 422 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Lower Haight)

From a Baltimore-repping former Little Skillet chef, WW is a house of wing-y awesomeness that'll sling fried chicken to Lower Haight-ians 'til 2a outta a clean-lined, bright orange-floored, personalized saloon door-equipped interior that seats 10 at stools and four more at out-front benches, presumably pre-warmed by Brian Cardinal.

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8. Southside Spirit House 575 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (Soma)

Two words: truffle tots. Ther are not just any tots, but rather tots tossed in truffle oil, garlic, and Parmesan, served with a homemade blue cheese dipping sauce. The Financial District’s Southside Spirit House serves up these pillowy potatoes alongside a bevy of other tasty sharable items and craft cocktails in a stylish, unpretentious 2,000sqft space. A handcrafted wooden bar anchors the establishment, while a rotating selection of local artists showcase their work on the spacious walls.



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