Salami and manchego tarts in Nob Hill

Ham and salami sandwich at Flour + Co

If, unlike the guy who sold it for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, you're still bummed about La Boulange going corporate, hike on over to Flour + Co: a sort of pre-corporate version of LB from their former director of ops, who's opened a cheerful spot with bright blue and white walls, seating for 16..

... and little ingredient mascots who look so happy to be baked into your bread

This place is open crazypantsshirtandjacket early (630a) and thus is armed with breakfastables ranging from cinnamon rolls and coffee cake to a daily changing egg pie

And since they stay open 'til 730p, you've got exactly... carry the four... and then divide the... 13hrs (math!) to eat that sandwich pictured at the beginning, savory tarts (manchego and salami), and even more pie, but this time of the delicious chicken pot variety

Oh, and of course they've got coffee. Stumptown is served all day in these cute widdle guys who look almost as happy as the dude who sold La Boulange to Starbucks for allllll the money.

Flour + Co's mascots
Pastries at Flour + Co
Chicken pot pie at Flour + Co
Coffee cups at Flour + Co