Beer mussels and bike-delivered brews in a newspaper building

Tribune Tavern

Set in a historic building in Oakland that used to house a newspaper until, well, you know, Tribune Tavern is a food-focused pub overseen by a chef who spent time at A16 and SPQR. Situated on the ground floor of the Tribune Tower, this wide-open space has seating for 178 (including 28 spots around a horseshoe-shaped bar) in an interior that feels early 1900s thanks to the original marble entryway & bar-top, a communal table made from old wheelbarrows found in the building (?), and tin roof tiles.

A bunch of local artists were commissioned to work on this space to make stuff like this hand-blown (uhhh) stained-glass image (ohhhh) of the Tower

And this stylish chandelier that kinda resembles the mecha-spider from Wild Wild West

The menu (presided over by the aforetalkedabout pedigreed chef) is a gourmet upgrade on the grub you'd normally expect from a pub, including this beer mustard-accompanied potted rabbit, or why Bugs always thought "What's up, Doc?" was so funny

And while the mains are definitely steak-focused, you can still grab deliciousness like these pork trotter and cheek fritters that are basically a stew encased in a delicious, crispy golden crust

To wash everything down, they've got a pretty extensive bar program with 10 different wines and eight local crafts on tap, two of which are cask ales delivered on a custom-made bicycle from Linden Street Brewery. Oh, and yes, there's a full cocktail list (with crazy stuff like sous-vide ingredients) presided over by a vet of Plum Bar and what former newspaper writers now call the internets (Haven).

Stained glass at Tribune Tavern
Spider lamp at Tribune Tavern
Potted rabbit at Tribune Tavern
Pork trotter fritters at Tribune Tavern
Bar at Tribune Tavern