Cracker crust pizzas and homemade ravioli in Oakland

Imported from the land of really confused husbands of congresswomen, Minneapolis-born Loring Cafe's an Oakland eat-and-drink-and-listen-to-music-ery with an interior that's sort of a cross between Narnia and the Shire, with just the right number of paintings featuring... martyred saints

The wallpaper's custom made, and features the writings, blueprints, and doodles of the owner, though, weirdly, no Stussies

Made from reclaimed brick (what now, reclaimed wood!), the entrance to the bathroom looks sorta like something outta Bilbo Baggins's abode

Due to legal technicalities this isn't a stage but a "raised display area" where they'll be "raised-displaying" live music acts during dinner and/or brunch

There's an eight-seat bar that currently just sells beer and wine but, much like you after work, will soon be featuring liquor

They handmake all their pasta, including this portobello-topped number with corn salsa

And this squid ink noodle plate with mussels, scallops, and saffron sauce

Their happy hour includes share-ables like this signature artichoke ramekin or cracker-crust pizzas, sure to barrel you over

And for mains you can grab a coffee-crusted lamb loin, with a wild mushroom risotto and raspberry/chipotle/burgundy demi-glace, or what happens to your eyes after a Striptease marathon.