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This is a pasta volcano. It has an egg yolk inside of it that explodes.

Published On 04/18/2014 Published On 04/18/2014
Lure + Till in Palo Alto has a pasta volcano?!?!?
Grant Marek

Now open in the land of Hewlett-Packard garages and kinda douchey people wearing Stanford t-shirts, Lure + Till is a half-indoor, half-outdoor power dinner-ing spot just off University, with both a legit bartender (Bacar, A16, Range) and a legit chef (Gitane, Angele, La Folie) doing the legitest legit that has ever legit-ed: The Pasta Volcano. 

This mountain of Tagliarini is surrounded by a moat of whipped turnip and covered in hen jus, rosemary, and thyme blossom. But the beauty of it all? When you chip away at the mountain top, there's a Japanese Jidori egg that you can burst, turning the pile of noodles into a delicious pasta Vesuvius.

Grant Marek is a Senior Editor at Thrillist and went to school in the land of terrible football teams and totally-not-douchey people wearing Cal shirts. Shout "Go Bears" to him on Twitter @grant_marek.

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1. Lure + Till 180 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

This indoor-outdoor dinner spot in downtown Palo Alto's Epiphany Hotel is helmed by chef Patrick Kelly (Gitane, Angele, La Folie). Known for its one-time pasta volcano, complete with an exploding egg yolk, Lure + Till serves a mix of hearty meat entrees, vegetable sides, and glam pastas. The swanky spot is usually filled with VC-types, but hey, it's Palo Alto.



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