This new burger joint is like In-N-Out, except smash-ier

BBQ Bacon Burger at Smashburger

Not just what the Hulk generally does to his lunch, Smashburger is also a Colorado-born burger joint that's been smashing (too much?) its way into California, and now, finally, San Francisco (!) with one of the most In-N-Out rival-ing burgers on the market.

Smashing at Smashburger

The place gets its name from Dillon Panthers running back Brian Williams! the technique they use to grill their patties, smashing them down to give you nice, crispy edges with a deliciously moist center.

Bay Burger at Smashburger

Every location gets its own specialized burger, including SF -- this is the Bay Burger, it's packed with hobos, year-round cold, and too many naked people baby portobello mushrooms, arugula, aged Swiss, and truffle mayo on ciabatta.

Fries at Smashburger

You also gotta have some Smash fries, which luckily are not just smooshed on the grill, but actually come with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil... just like you'll soon realize all fries should.

Chicken sandwich at Smashburger

Oh, and they've also got draft beer so you won't have to struggle alone through the chicken sandwich your girlfriend made you get (plus the bacon, ranch, and avocado she didn't!).

Brings all the boys to the yard, la la, la la laaaaa at Smashburger

Ensuring you'll definitely "come to their yard", they make all their milkshakes with Haagen Dazs and don't just stick to the traditionals, mixing in goodies like Butterfingers and Oreos.