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7 off-menu items in SF you ABSOLUTELY have to order

Starbelly Doc's Way
Aubrie Pick

The only things that makes you look cooler than ordering off-menu? Wearing Big Dog tees and sagging your pants. But since you're already totally versed in both of those, we're helping you out with the off-menu thing with the seven most must-order-y items that San Francisco has to offer.

Burger "Doc's Way" at Starbelly
Aubrie Pick

Burger "Doc's Way", Starbelly
The Castro
Because it generally worked out for Marty McFly, order Starbelly's hamburger "Doc's Way". It'll come topped with 1.5oz of the next best thing to foie.

Boxing Room French Fry Po' Boy

French Fry Po' Boy, Boxing Room
Hayes Valley
This is awesome, Saints-hat-wearing chef Justin Simoneaux's secret Creole version of poutine: he slides cheddar-topped French fries slathered in bacon and giblet gravy into a roll and bakes the whole damn thing.

Foreign Cinema Balsamic Egg Burger

Balsalmic Egg Burger, Foreign Cinema
The Mission
A perfect combination of a pan-fried egg on top of FC's already-fantastic burger is pushed to Saved-By-The-Bell-Tori status with a drizzle of tangy sweet balsamic reduction.

Delarosa Bartender's Special

Bartender's Special, Delarosa
The Marina
Weirdly, this isn't actually even a drink; it's a red-sauced pizza topped with burrata, Kalamata olives, sausage, and spicy red peppers.

Burger, Garibaldi's
Pac Heights
Hello, secret burger you can get at the too-schmancy-for-burgers Garibaldi's.

Little Star Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey, Little Star Pizza
The Mission
Okay, so it's not to much of a secret anymore considering it's basically their signature dish, but this still-somehow-not-on-the-menu sausage adder makes the already-delicious Little Star namesake pizza with mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach, and a mixture of ricotta and feta cheese damn near perfect.

Chicken Ravioli, Jackson Fillmore
Pacific Heights
Almost a secret itself, this have-to-arrive-at-opening-if-you-want-a-seat restaurant also has an amazing chicken ravioli dish that they almost always have, even if it's not exactly on the menu.