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RIP: 14 SF spots that shuttered their doors this year

They say all good things must come to an end, and we get that; we just wish they hadn't meant these 14 SF bars and restaurants. And sure, we got a lot of awesome new bars and restaurants in their place, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. So take a moment to pour one out for these SF spots.

(Cue Boyz II Men)

Thanks for the memories...


We'll miss your fried green beans, your chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, your happy hour, and your amazing service. The only good thing about your departure is that your space is now home to a new and improved ('cause they've got cocktails!) Marlowe.


We'll miss going to you when we couldn't get into Coco500. But also your industrial vibe, the fact that it was always freezing in there (what? We love a good excuse to wear a sweater in September...), and your really delicious pizzas.

All Star Donuts

The Marina
We'll miss you more than you'll know. For 28 years you were always there. You survived the fat-free diets of the '90s, Atkins in the early '00s, and even this whole gluten intolerance thing of late. Nothing could knock you down! Except rising rents. Goodbye old friend. Goodbye.

Mas Sake

The Marina
We'll miss the sake bombs, the crazy sushi rolls, the even crazier party crowd, the sake bombs, the sake bombs, and mostly... that's right: the sake bombs. 


Noe Valley
We'll miss the incredibly ambitious menu and telling ourselves that one day we were tooootally going to order the bison head or the calf brains. Luckily, it's not too offal (what?) that it closed, since it was replaced by Porcellino, which's equally as delicious and just slightly more accessible.

The Attic

The Mission
We'll miss that sometimes you were a bar and sometimes you were a tiny, sweaty club. But mostly we'll miss the cheap drinks and the dicey dive bar vibe.

Tortilla Heights

Lower Pac Heights
We'll miss the margaritas and the '70s aura, but only a little since we heart San Francisco Athletic Club (which took over the space) big time.

Fleur de Lys

We'll miss telling ourselves that one day we will definitely eat at this Hubert Keller fine dining institution that was truly one of the first chef-driven restaurants in the US.

Baker & Banker

Lower Pac Heights
We will reeeeallly miss the bakery at this husband-and-wife run eatery, but also the savory menu and the feeling when we ate here that, for a few hours anyway, we were actually grown-ups.

Joe's Cable Car

Don't go Joe!!! We'll miss that the 75-year-old owner ground his own chuck daily and insisted that his hamburgers be called a "fresh ground beef steak". And we'll miss that it was a part of SF for almost 50 years.


Inner Sunset
Though there are a bajillion sushi spots nearby, we'll still miss slurping your noodles 'cause they were some of our favorite in the city.

Villa Romana

Inner Sunset
You almost lasted 60 years, a true feat in the SF restaurant biz. We'll miss your tasty Italian food and the fact that the decor literally did not change from the moment the doors opened until the moment they closed forever.

Red Devil Lounge

Nob Hill
After 20 years on Polk St, it would be impossible not to miss this live music lounge/dive bar. The nights when "Tainted Love" played are some of our favorite (and fuzziest) memories of all.

Burmese Kitchen

We'll miss your no-frills style, but more than that we'll miss your tea leaf salad and mohinga. We're sorry you couldn't renew your lease, but hope to see you in a new location soon.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she just wants to point out that probably everything you've ever loved will leave you one day. Which she can handle just as long as Marina Subs stays put until she dies. Give her your therapist suggestions on Twitter @daisy.