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SF's 10 best under-the-radar burgers

Published On 02/18/2014 Published On 02/18/2014
Allison Webber
Wes Rowe/The Wes Burger
Belly Burgers
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1. Rickybobby 400 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

You know it's a sweet place when it has two first names for its only name. And if you like cheap and hearty eats, soft lighting and crazy crap on the walls, you'll love Rickybobby.

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2. Double Decker 465 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102

An under-the-radar spot in Hayes Valley that has some of the best wings in the city, and they come in "bucket" size.

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3. Trick Dog 3010 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Brought to you by The Bon Vivants, Trick Dog in The Mission's a marble- and steel-adorned cocktailery serving drinks from a Pantone-inspired menu with names from favorite song titles, along with bar bites like beer nuts, pickles, and cracklins.

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4. Maverick 3316 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

The junk food-pairing Mish spot is now doing an item called "It's Monday, Bucket" that comes with four pieces of Southern fried chicken, a buttermilk biscuit w/ “gumbo” gravy, and pickled green beans.

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5. Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen 3150 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

If it's a little difficult to make it from your office to the deep Mission-located Wise Sons, you are in luck, because this pastrami paradise has started a delivery service using TCB Courier that -- provided you make a minimum order -- delivers to the less-deep Mission with no extra charge and Downtown for an extra fiver.

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6. Prospect 300 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Sustainable and organic ingredients are the focus at this upscale yet casual restaurant in SOMA, with a daily rotating menu highlighting local seafood and farm fare in dishes like hamachi crudo with salted pineapple or Dungeness crab and avocado salad. Hit the bar for snacks like jalapeno deviled eggs or surf & turf chicharrones, or if you're in a hurry there's a daily rotating grab 'n go sandwich available.

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7. Garaje 475 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

SOMA's Garaje is one-third taqueria, one-third taco joint, and one-third sports bar. And it's cheap. For $3 you can get a street-style taco filled with quality meat and toppings; for $8 you can get the Zapatos burrito, stuffed with meat, cheese, refried beans, and avocado, then pressed like a panini. The most notable thing about Garaje though is the Double Drive-In cheeseburger, which comes with barbecued onions, dill pickles, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and Thousand Island dressing on a toasted Acme bun.

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8. The Corner Store 5 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

The Corner Store is set in a completely renovated space that was once a soda shop and then a speakeasy. Now, it's a 20-seat, outdoor-patio-featuring restaurant dominated by a mix of wood and white tile. The menu mixes things up with both small and large plates, which include lamb shoulder pasta, roasted duck breast, and brioche dinner rolls.

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9. The Tipsy Pig 2231 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Brunch and the Marina go together like bacon and eggs (and bottomless mimosas), and The Tipsy Pig has all these things, plus everything else you could ever want in a gastropub. Outdoor patio? Check. 40 local and worldly brews? Check. Cocktails? You get the idea. You’re going to want to get here early on a Sunday morning to stake out a spot outside and stay here all day chowing down on huevos rancheros, old-fashioned doughnuts, and the killer burger.

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10. Liverpool Lil's 2942 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Lil's is the place to be for some cheap brews, under-the-radar burgs, and a rowdy time.