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SF, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

Thrillist San Francisco Editor Joe Starkey on the Best Day of His Life

Next Friday is the Best Day of Your Life. You know this because, well, we just told you it is. What you don't know is what the hell Thrillist has planned for you that day to make it the greatest eating-drinking-doing fun stuff-iest day you've ever experienced

Well, allow us to lay things out for you: this is your printable itinerary (which you should... print). You'll go to all of said places next Friday and they're going to be loaded with freebies, like beer-shot-taco combos at Tacolicious Valencia and tall boys at Lightning Tavern, which you can watch people get all excited on Friendster about via this rad social media page

547a: Rise with the sun and do The Carlton because it’s the Best Day of Your Life. Namaste the eff out of the day: Get your yoga on because it totally improves your core, flexibility, and have you seen the girls in those pants? Dawn o’clock: Home for a shower, belt out "Call Me Maybe" because, even though you hate it now, it’s the only thing you know the lyrics to. Check the weather on your iPad, don’t think about it being instantly replaced by a newer version, because This. Is. Your. Day. Early morning: Hit Philz on Van Ness for an iced mint mojito or a large Tesora -- if this day's going to be the best, it’s going to be a long one. Note: the mint mojito, while delicious, doesn’t actually contain alcohol… don’t worry, there’ll be more than enough on this glorious solstice. Philz too phull? Hit up Acre Coffee, because their coffee is also delicious and the name certainly suggests that they have more room than your typical shop

Breakfast: Once you’ve finally woken up, it’s time to test that alertness by venturing into the Tenderloin/6th St, because Brunch Gods also have a super-high rent to pay (Mt. Olympus, amIrite?) for Brenda’s. That, or Dottie’s

Post-breakfast dessert: Hop on a topless F train (no, not you, the train) for great views, grab some macarons from Miette in the Ferry Building, and catch some rays while watching ships go through the Bay. Late a.m.: Train over to Hayes Valley and do some window shopping because those places are ridic expensive, grab an iced tea (read: beer) and sit outside at Arlequin to help you power through the day. Noonish: Take Gough to Valencia and walk down Valencia (‘cause it’s nicer), grab some ice cream from Bi-Rite, and lay down in Dolores Park. Play with whichever French Bulldogs walk by you (seriously, what’s with this city and French Bulldogs?). 1p, it’s time for lunch: Grab a shot and a tall boy at Tacolicious, to go with their amazing carnitas tacos… The others are good, but they just can’t compare, especially when we’re around to grab you a tall boy to go with it. And if you can’t get a spot in T-lish, may we recommend walking literally anywhere within two blocks? Seriously, there’re a LOT of restaurants around. Early afternoon: Why not try on clothes at Betabrand, where they'll actually post your awesomely posed model shot to the website? 5 o'clock somewhere: Walk over to Mission, grab a drink, and bowl a few at Mission Bowling Club. A quick snack on the way to happy hour: Get a schmancy Uber town car to Lightning Tavern, but on the way, make them stop at The Mill to munch on some amazing homemade toast from the bread baked in-house

6 o’clock: Continue that Uber ride up to Lightning Tavern to take advantage of the $5 apps, $3 well drinks (dranks), and $2 bottleds, of which we will be on hand (probably wearing something silly and with girls in bikinis, maybe) to buy you a ton of. Or if that’s full, hit up Tacko for sand pails full of mixed drinks. No, we’re totally not kidding about that

See you later, alligator: Grab dinner at Boxing Room, where you can score some delicious Southern food, including honest-to-goodness fried gator. It’ll (Cap’n) hook you. Oh, Boxing Room is full? See if you can squeeze in at the bar at Suppenkuche or Rich Table. Oh, those are full too? Jeez, well Dobbs Ferry's pretty delicious too

833p: If you like sunsets outdoors, then definitely put that in your OkCupid profile you are gonna want to walk to stein-haven Biergarten, because it’s really only appropriate that you say goodbye to the best/longest day of the year with a drink in hand. Kudos, you!

A map for the Best Day of Your Life