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SF's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's Mac n Cheese grilled cheese

If there's one thing Buzz Aldrin taught you, it's that procrastination can be the difference between being the first man on the moon and being the guy in a Thrillist story who people are frantically Googling. And yet, here it's the final five days of "National Grilled Cheese Month" (just go with it), and you still haven't had nearly enough melty goodness. Here to fix that in the most awesome way possible: Thrillist's picks for the five best grilled cheeses in SF

Straw's Parmesan Crusted Grilled Cheese203 Octavia Blvd; Hayes Valley; 415.431.3663The carnival-themed Straw isn't clowning around (!) with their grilled cheese that is gooey in the middle, crusted with Parmesan, and has tomato, avocado, and maple-glazed bacon as add-ons.Read about the rest of their offerings in the full story

Mission Cheese's California Gold736 Valencia St; The Mission; 415.553.8667Combine San Joaquin Gold & chevre cheeses, Dalmatia fig jam, and La Quercia prosciutto. Press that sucker on olive-oil slathered Josey Baker bread. Eat, while drinking a Pac Brew Labs Squid Ink. Give everyone in Mission Cheese high fives. Or "daps", if they're into that. Check out their site for more

Tartine's Jambon Royale and Gruyere Grilled Cheese600 Guerrero St; The Mission; 415.487.2600Though there are many choices to be had at this husband-/wife-run bakery, the ham and Gruyere sandwich with Dijon is really the only choice.Get the goods at their website here

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese1 South Park; SOMA; 415.243.0107The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen only does this once in a while, but God damn if it isn't worth it for a comestible that combines your favorite childhood dinner with... your other favorite childhood dinner.Read on to find out how they're made...

Darwin Cafe's Grilled Cheese212 Ritch St; SOMA; 415.800.8668If there was ever a reason to brave DC's lunchtime line, that reason would have two types of cheese on it and pecan butter.Scope the full menu on their website here

Mission Cheese's California Gold grilled cheese
American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's Mac n Cheese grilled cheese