This is the best damn restaurant opening of the year

The bar at The Cavalier

Not just what you call Andrew Bynum, and Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Bennett, and Dion Waiters, and Anderson Varejao, and Tristan Thompson, and Jarrett Jack, and Earl Clark, and Tyler Zeller, and CJ Miles, and Alonzo Gee, and Wayne Ellington, and Sergey Karasev, and Carrick Felix, The Cavalier (!) is also the name of the newest restaurant from the dream team behind Park Tavern, Marlowe, and S&R Lounge.

Main dining at The Cavalier

All three separate non-private dining areas a) feel super British, and b) feature amazing stuffed animal heads on the wall. See?

The Stables at The Cavalier

"The Stables" is a super-swank, dark leather-boothed room with hand-painted hunting scenes on the walls that you can enjoy in private via a barn door which, contrary to popular belief, can be closed.

Venison Tartare at The Cavalier

Perfectly going with a general hunting-lodge theme: this venison tartare.

BBB at The Cavalier

In a departure from the burger served at Marlowe and Park Tavern, this is the alliterative Blue Bar Burger. Sure to be a competitor for SF's best burger, it's loaded with tomato chutney and English cheddar, and comes with thrice-cooked chips (french fries).

Duck Duck Scotch Egg at The Cavalier

The bar will be open for lunch and dinner, you silly goose, giving you two opportunities to order the Duck Duck Scotch Egg.

Lamb scrumpets at The Cavalier

Why yes, this is a tower of lamb scrumpets with pickled mint and chile. Scrump...tious?

Steak and oyster pie at The Cavalier

Quite possibly the manliest pie in existence, this Steak and Oyster Pie is definitely something you'd risk stealing out of a window for.

Ribeye at The Cavlier

You can always go original with ribeye of grass-fed beef served with bone marrow gravy (drool) and beef-dripping chips (food coma).

Fish n' Chips at The Cavalier

What English pub would be complete without Fish n' Chips?

Whiz Bang at The Cavalier

Probably named for the cartoon noise you'll make upon sipping it, this is the Scotch, absinthe, and sweet vermouth combining Whiz Bang.

The Barrister at The Cavalier

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Nardini Amaro, white vermouth, and Benedictine make up The Barrister.

East Indies Sling

And you'll definitely be able to sling back a few of the East Indies... Slings.

Rail Car at The Cavalier

Set off from the main dining area, this is the Rail Car, which comes complete with brass luggage racks and, because it's not based on BART cars, no suspicious stains or guys with bikes.

Bookcase at The Cavalier

Oh, and just between you and us: this bookcase filled with a bunch of things found in a hunting lodge definitelyprobably doesn't lead to a super-secret bar that you can seriously only get to if the owner has specifically allowed you in. Maybe.