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10 reasons you're glad there's an Umami Burger in SOMA

umami burger SF

The high-rises and Giants crowds in SOMA had best make way for giant people and high-rising cholesterol, because Umami Burger has opened up shop there, which is clearly the most important thing to happen there since... well, pretty much ever. Here are 10 reasons you should celebrate this delicious development: 1) There's finally a place you can go to wait for the Caltrain that isn't The Creamery.

Bar at Umami

2) Did you know you can take food into AT&T Park? Because you totally can.

3) Chances are, the line here won't force you to take a two-hour lunch break like some other spots.

Smashed potatoes at Umami

4) Totally not on 6th Street.

5) Totally not on 5th or 7th Street either.

Eat at Umami

6) Their decorations are both aesthetically pleasing and instructional.

7) It's a good compromise spot to meet your one friend who's always trying to get you to go to the Dogpatch.

Beer at Umami

8) No, seriously, the decor is quite informative.

Tuna Burger at Umami

9) You don't have to go to the Marina.

Original at Umami

10) Forget all these other reasons, did you see all of those glorious burgers?!?