The 23 Best SF Restaurants for Large Groups, Sorted by ‘Hood

Face it, you’re no event planner, but then, sure enough, you always get stuck planning... an... event. Roommate’s birthday party, best friend’s engagement shindig, college friends dinner -- whatever it is, you now need to know where the hell to fit all these people. Well, this should help: here are 23 restaurants in SF that are all great for large groups. Commence the bookmarking.

Courtesy of Starbelly (edited)

The Castro
Why it’s good for groups: Depending on the event and size of your party, Starbelly can accommodate everything from a birthday to a wedding reception with semi-to-full use of the dining room and outdoor patio.
How to

Grant Markey/Thrillist (edited)

Why it’s good for groups: Whether you’re looking to block off a huge portion of the restaurant, or you just want to sit 20 buddies at a giant table for brats and huge beers, Schroeder’s has you covered in both instances because it has room for TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE PEOPLE.
How to reserve: The beer hall area is first come, first served, but if you want to book one of the curtained-off dining areas in the back, try contacting the resto online.

Courtesy of DOSA (edited)

Why it’s good for groups: Whether you’re after a casual or formal experience, don’t let the one person in the group who’s never tried Indian food stop you from going to Dosa. The multipurpose space can easily fit 16 to 250 people.
How to reserve: or by phone 415.819.3672

Courtesy of Espetus Churrascaria (edited)

Hayes Valley
Why it’s good for groups: Something about Brazilian steakhouses lends itself nicely to large group outings. Depending on the size of the gathering, Espetus has several prix-fixe menus, including free reign of the buffet. And don’t worry, it doesn’t just have to be an endless meat parade, vegetarian options are available as well.
How to or 415.552.8792

Hayes Valley
Why it’s good for groups: Communal tables (and German beer boots!) make getting a bunch of folks in easy if you get there early enough. As for reservations: Suppenkuche doesn’t even take reservations for parties smaller than six. Beifall!
How to reserve: 415.252.9289

Courtesy of Mamacita (edited)

The Marina/Cow Hollow
Why it’s good for groups: What the place lacks in square footage, it makes up for in communal table space, so call in advance and Mamacita help figure out the particulars.
How to reserve: 415.346.8494

Courtesy of Foreign Cinema (edited)

The Mission
Why it’s good for groups: Dinner and a movie projected onto the alley wall of Foreign Cinema’s charming outdoor patio isn’t just popular for romantic dates, it’s perfect for fancying up a night out to dinner with a lot of friends, and it's got enough room that you don’t need to buy out the whole place or anything.
How to reserve: 415.648.7600 or OpenTable

The Mission
Why it’s good for groups: When Beretta isn’t using the downstairs space to host special events like its cocktail classes, larger groups can take advantage of the extra dining room. But if you really like your privacy, invite 40 of your closest friends and you can have the whole thing, well... not have, but, like, borrow for the night.
How to reserve: Online

The Mission
Why it’s good for groups: The colorful, eclectic decor will keep your group busy when you’re not looking down, devouring the fantastic ceviche.
How to

The Mission
Why it’s good for groups: When have you gone to Gracias Madre and not seen a large group going to town on some delicious vegan Mexican food?
How to reserve: 415.683.1346

Why it’s good for groups: Well, first off, the place is MASSIVENORMOUS, which means it’s easy to get a giant table (especially in the Saddle Room to the left) without having to rent the whole place out. That said, if you DO want to rent it out, the Saddle Room seats 55 and stands 70 and you’ll only have to deal with a food/bev minimum (which you were gonna hit anyway). Also: guacamole!
How to reserve:Online, or if you wanna go big-time buyout style, via phone at 415.252.7000

Why it’s good for groups: Like West of Pecos, it’s HUGE. Like, my God, how much room does it have. What’s more, there’s actually even MORE room upstairs in the secret-ish bar Holy Mountain, making it a good start upstairs, move downstairs (or vice versa!) scenery changer. Bonus: Thai food is totally a great sharing food. Double bonus: it weirdly has bottle service!
How to reserve:Online, or give the place a ring at 415. 400.5699 if you want to go full-on Holy Mountain rent-out

Courtesy of Eden Room (edited)

North Beach
Why it’s good for groups: It's specifically designed for them. This cobalt-blue private dining space hidden away in the back of Park Tavern seats 50 and fits 80 if you're just doing stand-up drinking, plus it has its own wood-wrapped service bar.
How to

North Beach
Why it’s good for groups: If your group gets particularly loud, you’ll fit right in at this truly Italian-style restaurant.
How to reserve: 415.989.1002 (call before 4pm)

North Beach
Why it’s good for groups: Sure, you can make a reservation for six or more, but did you know you can also rent out 1) a private dining room, 2) a shared space, or 3) the entire restaurant? Don Pisto’s will also create a special menu for groups of anywhere from 12-90. Cue the NBC knowledge rainbow!
How to or 415.395.0939

Courtesy of Stones Throw (edited)

Russian Hill
Why it’s good for groups: The dining room has a view of the open kitchen and wine cellar, and can tailor to a range of parties. But you don’t have to shut the place down to have good time, Stones Throw accepts reservations for any kind of (big) group.
How to or 415.796.2901

Daisy Barringer/Thrillist (edited)

Why it’s good for groups: The weatherproof outdoor patio can accommodate up to 15 people so no matter what kind of day San Francisco is having, your party can enjoy a Marlowe burger without parkas.
How to

Why it’s good for groups: The Cavalier is sorta like a beefed-up version of Marlowe -- the food and service is just as unparalleled, but there’s just a whole lot more room: you can book the Rail Car (seats 40), the Wine Stables (seats 26, plus it has its own sliding door that closes), or you can maybe even buy out the secret bar in back, Marianne’s.
How to

Why it’s good for groups: Zero Zero offers three different pre-set menus for your lunch or dinner party to choose from, with an option for a boozy punch bowl to share. If you think you might need some extra room after all those arancini balls, the mezzanine is available to rent for a semi-private event as well.
How to

Why it’s good for groups: Depending on whom you’re trying to impress, there are three glitzy rooms you can reserve: the VIP Room, Wine Cellar, or Oak Room. Each room allows you to create your own environment via iPad or iPhone, but only one has the dance floor and private bar. Hint: it’s not the VIP room.
How to

Courtesy of Chambers Eat + Drink (edited)

The Tenderloin
Why it’s good for groups: Because who doesn’t wanna take a group photo in front of its “Be Amazing” sign?? You can rent out the back room with the second bar, or post up poolside on the heated covered patio.
How to or by phone Tuesday-Sunday at 415.496.5178

Joe Starkey/Thrillist (edited)

Union Square
Why it’s good for groups: It’s the Russian nesting doll of restaurants for groups. Reserve the swanky Red Couch area for up to 25 people, the Red + Black Couch area for 45. And should the occasion arise, you can rent out the entire restaurant, with or without the bar.
How to reserve: Call 415.400.0555 or fill out the inquiry form on the restaurant’s website

Courtesy of Nopa (edited)

Western Addition
Why it’s good for groups: You’ll have to make reservations two months in advance, but it’ll be worth it because its two-story floor plan makes it ideal for a big brunch or dinner.
How to reserve: Online if you just want a big table (you can book for as many as 20 diners), or if you wanna get in on some full-floor action.

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