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The best frozen treats in SF, from blended cake shakes to absinthe sorbet

Published On 06/07/2013 Published On 06/07/2013
The Rebound Fling from The Ice Cream Bar

Summer is just around the corner, and, thanks to global climate change, San Francisco might actually be seeing some hot temps in the coming weeks. To that end, we've discovered the five best frozen (and mostly boozy) delicious things to help keep you cool in a city that's pretty ill-equipped for anything above 75 degrees.

Absinthe Sorbet
598 Haight St; Lower Haight; 415.829.7982
Used for several different cocktails on the menu, the best way to enjoy this is probably in their brunch-only Death in the Afternoon, which pours Champagne over a generous spoonful of the stuff, because there's nothing like cutting booze with... more booze.

Stud Muffin Cake Shake
2411 California St; Pac Heights; 415.580.3030
Also the exact name of the dance you will be doing when you eat this, the Stud Muffin Cake Shake throws a brown sugar beer cupcake with salted caramel frosting and cayenne-dusted bacon into a blender with milk and ice for the best not-ice-cream-using shake maybe ever.

The Rebound Fling
The Ice Cream Bar
815 Cole St; Cole Valley; 415.742.4932
Not just what a few too many of these might make you do, the Rebound Fling's also a delicious shake that combines Speakeasy Payback Porter, seasonal berry ice cream, sour cherry syrup, and Lactart, which we're pretty sure tastes better than it sounds.

Key Lime Pie Shake
The Corner Store
5 Masonic Ave; The Richmond; 415.359.1800
This boozy dessert with Licor 43, housemade vanilla vodka, lemon-lime syrup, shaved lime, graham cracker, and vanilla ice cream is totally acceptable for you to hold for your real girlfriend from Canada who is just in the bathroom right now.

Negroni Sno Cones
Derby Cocktail Lounge at Off the Grid
Joe DiMaggio Playground; The Marina; 408.504.9412
You know the Derby Cocktail Lounge at Off the Grid? Yeah, it's doing Negroni sno cones now.

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1. Maven 598 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Lower Haight)

Maven is a chic bar and restaurant in Lower Haight that pairs all of its dishes with different cocktails. The highlight of the menu is the burger, which begins with beef that's ground with a few dashes of angostura bitters and is paired with the Mr. Wiggles cocktail, made with bourbon, amaro, vermouth, and bitters. The bar's morning cocktails make it a popular brunch spot, as do the duck hash and Bananas Foster French toast. The seating is all communal, and the best seats in the house are either on the second-floor loft or at the chef's counter.

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2. Sift Cupcakes and Dessert Bar 2411 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (Pacific Heights)

This Pacific Heights spot is full-on dessert, which should be clear from its name. And although cupcakes certainly aren't anything new, Sift is taking them to new heights, particularly with the outrageous Cake Shakes, which are the result of your favorite cupcake getting blended right into a milkshake. They've also got frosting shots, 15 'cake varieties, and a ton of cookies and macarons.

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3. The Ice Cream Bar 815 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Cole Valley)

This ice cream parlor sports three different bars, black marble tables, and enough Ayn Randian decoration to fit into any level of Bioshock: art-deco tiles, porthole mirrors, glowing blue diamond lights, and presumably soon, terrifyingly dead-eyed children.

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4. The Corner Store 5 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118 (The Richmond)

The Corner Store is set in a completely renovated space that was once a soda shop and then a speakeasy. Now, it's a 20-seat, outdoor-patio-featuring restaurant dominated by a mix of wood and white tile. The menu mixes things up with both small and large plates, which include lamb shoulder pasta, roasted duck breast, and brioche dinner rolls.

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5. Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center Parking Lot, San Francisco, CA 94123 (North Beach)

Off The Grid continues to grow, meaning that it's becoming more and more on the grid. The newest stop for this food truck collective is a weekly gathering of 8 vendors at the Joe DiMaggio Playground in North Beach every Wednesday evening. Off the Grid operates 23 weekly markets in the greater bay area, and works with over 150 vendors weekly, to create a unique dining experience.



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