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The 7 best places to grill in SF

Hey, guess what, SFers? While the rest of the country is dealing with snow/not living in California, this weekend is supposed to be in the mid-70s and sunny. In an effort to make your weekend even that much better, we've rounded up seven great spots in the city where you can both grill and enjoy the real SF Summer.

Holly Park
Grilling Setup:
The park provides the grill. Look, you can even see them!
If you happen to live in SF's newest, coolest neighborhood (ya know, what with great new bars from the Churchill/Bloodhound guys and amazing pizza shops), this small park up on the hill is the best spot to show-off your burger-flipping skills while taking in views of the city.

Chrissy Field
Grilling Setup:
 The park provides grills next to the picnic tables.
If you can manage to avoid the millions of people trying out their kite skills, there's some pretty great grilling to be had here with all of your buddies. Plus, you can Instagram views of the GG Bridge that no one else has ever Instagramed before. And by "no one else has", we mean "everyone else has".

Dolores Park
Grilling Setup:
 Bring your own charcoal grill, and make sure to be near the picnic tables (don't set the grass on fire).
Yep, pretty much an obvious choice if you happen to live anywhere near The Mission. Just be aware that half the park is closed for renovations, so you may have to stake out a spot early.

Alamo Square
Grilling Setup:
BYO Charcoal Grill to the picnic area.
Not only is this hill above Lower Haight a great spot to get your burger on, it's also perfect for people watching every single wedding that will pass by and take pictures in front of The Painted Ladies. Because nothing says romance like Full House.

Baker Beach
Grilling Setup:
 The park provides charcoal grills, or you can bring your own.
If you want to not only try grilling hot dogs, but also maybe accidentally see some, SF's very own nude beach (one of eight!) is the perfect place to spend a sunny weekend. Just make sure everyone's wearing sunblock.

Golden Gate Park
Grilling Setup:
There are grills everywhere. No, seriously, they have a website for it.
Yes, yes, this is the place that everyone jogs through, and you may or may not come across several makeshift campsites, but it's also a great spot to set up a BBQ with friends, partially because no one thinks to come here. And also we hear Buffalo is delicious and really lean meat...

Ocean Beach
Grilling Setup:
 There are no grills provided on this beach, but you're allowed to bring your own charcoal one to designated picnic areas.
Sure, it may be foggy almost every day of the year, but this weekend it may actually be sunny enough to enjoy some beach time. Plus, you're totally allowed to grill out, and at night, there are bonfire pits near the stairs... so you and your pretty redheaded friend can reenact whatever teenage '80s movie you see fit.

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor. Why, yes, he would love a burger, thank you! Follow him on Twitter.