Let's face it, San Francisco has a lot of great pizza. Unfortunately, you'll never get to try most of it, because A) it's not all located right by your house, B) it's not all located right by your work, and C) you apparently refuse to go anywhere not by your house or work. THAT'S why we've decided to, at the very least, make sure you're eating the best pizza wherever you live/work, with this guide that breaks down the best pizza spot in every single SF 'hood (Okay, almost every SF 'hood... sorry Excelsior).

All Good Pizza

Best Pizza Place: All Good Pizza

Pizza + Trailer + Beer Garden + Wait, beer garden?

Best Pizza Place: Pizza Hacker
This guy spent years standing outside of dive bars slinging kinda-not-legal pies out of a modified Webber Grill before gifting SF's newest, coolest neighborhood with a permanent pie-house (with a real, less Webber-y oven).

Best Pizza Place: Marcello's
Sure, it's not super fancy, but if you've just spent a late-night in the Castro, chances are you wanna eat some food you would never normally allow yourself to eat. This thin crust deliciousness should be your priority.


Best Pizza Place: Piccino
Set in a 150-yr-old bright yellow Victorian, Piccino has two things going for it: 1) old wines by the carafe, and 2) their pizza... amazingly thin crust with delicate blond bread rims and seasonal toppings (the funghi is a must).

Best Pizza Place: Pizza Orgasmica
Okay, sure, sure, they're in a few different neighborhoods, but there's a reason for that, right?? They consistently deliver 'zas that won't exactly make you live up to their name, but at the very least come pretty damn close (though if they do, kudos you!).

Best Pizza Place: Carmel Pizza Company
If you ever find yourself in Fisherman's Wharf, ruuuuuuuunnnn (right after you grab one of CPC's absolutely fantastic pies made inside a cherry-red trailer by a couple with 20yrs' worth of Italian deli-ing and culinary study in Tuscany)!!!!

Honestly, just walk to Lower Haight. Or even Western Addition.

Best Pizza Place: Mythic
Located in a neighborhood constantly plagued by inebriated folks wanting pizza after sports games, Mythic is basically the go-to destination for... inebriated folks wanting pizza after sports games. Just watch what they charge you, because they're not above "accidentally" charging tipsy folks more.

Best Pizza Place: Delarosa
If you haven't tried the Bartender's Special, you obviously haven't been on a date with us.

Flour + Water

Best Pizza Place: Flour + Water
There are a lot of options for pizza in The Mission (along with burritos), but quite honestly, this is probably one of the best pies you will ever have, hands down. No, actually, up, so that you can keep eating.

Best Pizza Place: Nob Hill Cafe
In a neighborhood that's remained almost defiantly old-school, this restaurant is a throwback bastion that manages to create some absolutely delicious 'za that you won't find on any best-of lists... despite having the chops.

Best Pizza Place: Haystack
Sure, there's Patxi's, but if you want to go for a more classic pizzeria that still stays true to its ways, this is the place for you. Pro tip: don't do delivery. The pizza's just as good, it just takes a little a lot longer.

Tony's Slice House

Best Pizza Place: Tony's Pizza NapoletanaTony's Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House
Tie! Tony's is a North Beach mainstay so good that it hosts internationally attended pizza-making camps. They make several different kinds in a billion different types of ovens, but the one you really wanna try is the coal-fired at the next-door-to-the-original slice house.

Best Pizza Place: Pizzeria Delfina
Part of the Delfina empire that manages to actually still feel like a small pizzeria in Italy, you basically can't go wrong with their menu, but you really REALLY can't go wrong if you get the Salsiccia with house-made fennel sausage. 

Best Pizza Place: Pizzetta 211
How can you argue with a place that opens at "noonish"? Also, this tiny spot has rotating pizza depending upon the freshest ingredients, meaning you get a great, original-every-time pie, every time. Also: some of the best thin crust SF has to offer.

Best Pizza Place: Gioia Pizzeria
Um, have you seen their brunch pizza? Particularly in video form? Because it's absolutely amazing. Especially after a night at Bullitt.

Una Pizza Napoletana

Best Pizza Place: Una Pizza Napoletana
Any questions? No? Good.

Best Pizza Place: Arizmendi Bakery
Guys! Girls! Other Guys!! The pizza here comes on homemade focaccia crust. Homemade. Focaccia. Crust. How effing delectable is that?

Best Pizza Place: Bellissimo Pizza
It may not be something you would pay $25 for, but it's also not something you could pay $25 for... cause this ish is cheap, son!

Yeah no.

Best Pizza Place: Ragazza
No, we will not call it NoPa, but we will call it Ragazza for some absolutely amazing pies (good enough that we rated them as maybe some of our best in the nation).

Joe Starkey is Thrillist's San Francisco Editor and once cut his mouth shoving a jumbo slice of pizza in his face. Follow him/yell at him for his choices on Twitter.

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1. Haystack Pizza 3881 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (Noe Valley)

Haystack's pizza menu is bringing serious game -- their thin crust is delicious and their daily pies are mouth-watering.

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2. Piccino Cafe 1001 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (Dogpatch)

Just one of the several, uncharted neighborhood gems in the oft-forgotten Dogpatch, Piccino's is a local spot boasting a range of seasonal Italian fare. Among creative, thin-crust pizzas -- such as the datteri, made with cauliflower, dates, Taleggio, and olive tapenade -- the menu also delivers light salads and homey, Old World entrees. And, as any Italian restaurant should, Piccino boasts an impressive wine list and coffee bar.

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3. Marcello's Pizza 420 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

This Castro pie slinger does some of the best NY-style pizza in the city.

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4. Bellissimo Pizza 920 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (The Tenderloin)

This pizza and sandwichery is abiding by some serious pizza-mastering skills -- their pesto is deliciously made, as are their thin-crust and full-bodied discs.

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5. Mythic Pizza 551 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Lower Haight)

This reasonably priced 'za joint serves up quick and easy pies to soak up all those bad decisions.

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6. Escape From New York Pizza 1737 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Upper Haight)

Escape from New York in the Haight is the perfect cure to any bad hangover, or fun night out. Their thin crusts are delicious, as are their juicy tomato sauces that coat said crust.

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7. Nob Hill Cafe 1152 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94108 (Nob Hill)

This Italian mainstay's a Nob Hill (obviously) favorite for classics like veal piccata and chicken parm, along with the requisite selection of pizzas and pastas (try the gnocchi bolognese). Come brunch you'll find Caprese scrambles and prawn and avocado omelettes, but you won't find reservations at any time of day, so plan accordingly.

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8. Pizzeria Delfina 2406 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115 (Pacific Heights)

Just as popular as the Mission original, Pizzeria Delfina in Pac Heights doles out serious, line-inducing pizza in a larger space (the Mission restaurant is 600 sqft). The menu includes antipasti, veggie small plates, and a few pasta dishes, but you're really there for the Neapolitan pizza. You can't go wrong with any of the pies, but the clam and prosciutto are some crowd favorites. Be prepared to wait for a table, especially on weekend afternoons and nights.

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9. Arizmendi Bakery 1331 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122 (Inner Sunset)

This pizzeria/bakery (?) has delicious 'za, baked treats, and a general attitude towards carb-loaded goodness.

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10. Pizzetta 211 211 23rd Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121 (The Richmond)

This tiny pizzeria in Outer Richmond is a true neighborhood gem. The simple menu features tomato, mozzarella, basil, and pepperoni personal pizzas plus a rotating selection of special pies that change weekly based on what's in season. The cozy bistro space only has four tables, so chances are you'll have to wait in line if you come at peak meal times (ex. 7pm).

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11. Pizza Orgasmica 2 Embarcadero Ctr, San Francisco, CA 94111 (Financial District)

The FiDi location of this famed SF pizzeria is doling out delicious 'zas to cure any crazy night out. Create your own pie or go for one of the many wittily named Orgasmica classics. There's the Menage A Trois with five (count 'em, FIVE!) kinds of cheese; Doggie Style with pepperoni, salami, and ground beef; or the Aphrodisiac with cream sauce, scallops, shrimp and salmon.

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12. Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House 1556 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (North Beach)

Slice House is the by-the-slice outpost next door to Tony's Pizza in North Beach. It's a reliable spot for a quick slice, and if you've got a few minutes to wait, the meatball sandwich is a must. It makes a good split with a friend, in which case you might still opt to get a slice to go with it anyway.

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13. All Good Pizza 1605 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124 (Bayview)

All Good is exactly that -- their pies are deliciously crispy and juicy, with savory and spicy toppings (everything from prosciutto, pineapple, and kale, to caprese and mushroom) that will complement any craving. And if you're not feeling like a spherically-shaped carb load, you can enjoy many of the same toppings on a panini.

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14. Flour + Water 2401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

The pizza and pasta at Thomas McNaughton's Mission gem has consistently attracted a full house since opening in 2009. The Neapolitan-style pies are nothing short of excellent, and though the flavors change daily, you can expect a classic Margherita and meatier pizzas like salumi with Mangalitsa pancetta, stracciatella, broccoli rabe & Calabrian chili. And then there's the pasta. In a perfect world, you'd try each one on the menu and luckily, Flour + Water has a pasta tasting menu.

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15. PizzaHacker 3299 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

Hailing from the ACTUAL PizzaHacker himself, he moved his business off the streets and into this beer garden-esque abode, serving up deliciously melty and crispy 'zas.

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16. Una Pizza Napoletana 210 11th St., San Francisco, CA 94103 (Soma)

The first thing you need to know about Una Pizza Napoletana is that it only sells pizza. Pizzamaker Anthony Mangieri set up this SOMA power-house after conquering New York and New Jersey, and his 12-inch personal pies consistently rank on San Francisco's top pizza lists. The Apollonia, named after his daughter, is topped with eggs, parmigiano reggiano, buffalo mozzarella, salami, basil, garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. It's downright amazing, but it's only available on Saturdays.

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17. Ragazza 311 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Western Addition)

Look no further than Ragazza if you're craving Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizzas, antipasti, and Italian-inspired wine and beer, all in a casual and quiet ambiance in Lower Haight.

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18. Delarosa 2175 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (The Marina)

A Marina Italian joint with fancy (and delicious) pizzas, craft beer and cocktails, and a high-ceilinged, happening atmosphere.

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19. Carmel Pizza Company 2826 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (Fishermans Wharf)

Carmel Pizza Co. is the project of a couple with 20 years of Italian culinary study in Tuscany, and, man, has it paid off. The stationary, cherry-red pizza trailer somehow houses a wood-burning oven that churns out delicious pies in only 5 minutes. Suggested topping combinations include the post-meal-gum-requiring sausage-pepperoni-onion and the buffalo milk mozzarella.

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20. Gioia Pizzeria 2240 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (Polk)

Hopping across the Bay and into Russian Hill, this Berkeley-born parlor's just set up shop in an upscale, NY-style storefront (white subway tiles, wood accents, iron chandeliers), where it's firing up thin crust-deliciousness like the Julian (sweet and spicy prosciutto cotto, parsley, red onion, garlic, aged provolone, chili) and the Salsiccia, which's topped with housemade Sicilian sausage, pecorino, and Ryan’s Pickled Peppers -- so expect to have to fight Peter for 'em.



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