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Holy. Crap. Brunch sliders on Market (including a chicken 'n waffle one!!).

Brunch slider at SliderBar

Every once in a while, something truly great is discovered that will forever improve life on Earth, like electricity, or penicillin, or chicken 'n waffle sliders. True story: SliderBar just rolled out a brunch filled with delicious little baby breakfast sandwiches and another special surprise you'll have to see to believe.

Huevo Ranchero at SliderBar

Aside from their itty, bitty, teenie, weenie take on a fast food breakfast muffin, they also have some more fun brunch sliders like the Huevo Ranchero with sliced cheddar, cilantro, salsa, and a Southwest chicken patty.

Chicken and Waffle Slider at SliderBar

And that aforementioned Chicken 'n Waffle, which sandwiches fried bird between two syrup-dipped Belgians.

Bacon egg fries at SliderBar

Need an appropriate breakfast side that might kill you will definitely kill you? Try their loaded breakfast fries, including these ones topped with egg, bacon, scallions, shredded Swiss, and chipotle ketchup.

Michelada at SliderBar

Oh, and that part we told you to wait for? Yeah, it's that they're offering bottomless micheladas and sangrias not just during brunch, but during happy hour, too. Seriously.