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City Tavern's dead, long live its epic replacement (and your dignity)

sabrosa sf

Just when you thought City Tavern couldn't get any better, turns out they closed it down and the space was completely renovated by the guys behind The Brixton and Redford, in order to create a snazzy restaurant & bar complete with chocolate-leather booths, outdoor seating, and less people with NorCal stars on their elbows.

Pull up to their under-lit onyx bar and peruse a cocktail list curated by a pro from San Diego, who's put a heavy emphasis on awesomely lit (!) tequila and mezcal, with a list of five different margs and 10 'tails, including...

Charo Negro at Sabrosa

... THIS. The Charo Negro: a tequila and MEXICAN COKE concoction with a spicy salted-rim.

There's space for more than 110 people at either window side table, this large communal, or two huge booths...

Fillmore Anejo at Sabrosa

... that look wayyyy more appealing with the Fillmore Anejo (Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum 12 Year + Gran Centenario Anejo + chile honey + old-fashioned bitters) on them.

Ceviche at Sabrosa

The chef is an alum of Nopalito and former consultant at Nido, which means badass Mexican, including starters like this Ceviche de Pescado con Fruta that combines lime-marinated fish with chile piquin, persimmon, and fruta (pomegranate, pineapple).

Questaco at Sabrosa

The one thing you absolutely have to order, though? The Questaco de Arrachera, which's basically a delicious grilled cheese wafer with skirt steak covered in a salsa verde, that's not actually super... verde.