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Burlesque happy hours and bottomless brunches in the Mission

French for what your parents did with your friends' parents in the '70s (swing!), Balancoire is a Mission-located bar-cum-club-cum-restaurant featuring burlesque happy hours, French/Creole eats, and one of the largest dancefloors in the Mission

In the evening, you can grab "bar bites" or one of two "bar probably-requires-more-chewings" like steak or Cajun-spiced steamed shrimp. Place an order and they'll give you one of these cards to guarantee you get a) your food, and b) dominated in Indian Poker

The aforementioned Happy Hour will feature pretty (naked) girls, plus discounted signature cocktails like the slightly-different-in-a-great-way Mary with tequila instead of vodka

On the weekends, they're open in the morning for brunch, which'll include brioche French toast that the chef makes using specialty loaves from a bread-baking friend

Also: Croque Madames (Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, bechamel, sunnyside-up egg) and Mimosas that, much like your parents' '70s dinner parties, are bottomless

Burlesque photo credit: Jolene Linsangan