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Rooftop parties are now going to be a thing for you

El Techo

Much like bodily-fluid-less BART seats, rooftop bars in San Francisco are super hard to find. Enter: El Techo de Lolinda, a roof-topping, casual drinking and dining spot with wind guards to keep you cozy and a retractable tent they can pull out when it's warm and sunny... so get excited for September 5th and 7th!

The food up here's a pan-Latin menu that's more simplified than the one downstairs, with delicious bites like these patacones, which're green plantain patties with salsa and black beans (the magical fruit)

Plus, they've got skewers! There's chorizo with panca glaze, marinated chicken, steak with zucchini panca & onion, and veggie

The booze program's extra rooftop-y, with three drafts, six Latin bottled's, and an entire cocktail program offering the likes of this Pisco Apricot Tropical (pisco, lime, pineapple)..

... and this Daisy de Santiago, which... you're just holding for your girlfriend? Yeah, that. Definitely that

Did we mention it's a rooftop bar with a view? Yeah, definitely add this to your list.

Patacones at El Techo
Skewers at El Techo
Pisco Apricot Tropical
Daisy at El Techo
The view from El Techo
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