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This restaurant is actually three restaurants (and one of them is Pal's Takeaway!)

Published On 07/16/2013 Published On 07/16/2013
La Movida

The restaurant version of a Russian nesting doll, La Movida is a Mission addition (rhyme!) that's not one, not two, but three restaurants in one: a California tapas spot at night, the new home for the beloved Pal's Takeaway at lunchtime, and a rotating Tuesday night pop-up destination on... Tuesdays.

Set in a former Mexican restaurant (which needed to be completely gutted), LaMo is probably the only place in SF you can literally eat off the walls -- the owner managed to save parts of the murals from the former Mextaurant to make these tables.

And while, yes, you could go for the actually-kinda-good-sounding tapas (Chorizo Fritos w/ Raclette fondue!) or the pop-up action, you should go for the now-awesome Pal's. Thanks to an expanded kitchen/prep area, they're now doing even more sandwiches, plus frying things like this cilantro/cucumber relish- and soy yuzu-topped Aunt Malaise sausage. Boy, is Uncle Malaise in for a surprise!

Or this roast beef with BBQ sauce (?), house-pickled Spring shallots, extra-sharp cheddar, and Calabrian chile mayo greens on a firebrand roll.

Oh, and unlike the old Pal's, this one pours tap booze! LaMo's got 10 beers and 20 wines rigged up, plus two awesome SF points of distinction: 1) rare bottles like this late-harvest Pinot that no other place in the city has, and 2) pointy-boobed dolls they found in the basement.

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1. La Movida 3066 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

La Movida in the Mission is actually three restaurants in one: a California-style tapas and wine bar at night, Pal's Takeaway at lunchtime, and a rotating Bay-area pop-up-hosting location on Tuesdays.



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