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The Thrillist Awards: San Francisco's Best New Food & Drink of 2015

Published On 12/28/2015 Published On 12/28/2015
Courtesy of Aubrie Pick (edited)

Every month we tell you what’s new and hot from the previous month, but because it’s December and we’re doing a lot of reflecting in front of our Christmas trees and Menorahs, and glasses of various alcohols, we’re gonna tell you EVERYTHING (well almost... we’re only human) that’s new and hot from all of 2015. Read on to refresh your memory on all the glorious places that came into our lives this year and then resolve to get to every single one in 2016.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Best new cocktail bar

Benjamin Cooper

Address and Info

Union Square

Thoughtful, improvised cocktails served by the friendliest bartenders in a sexy, semi-hidden space: there are reasons this industrial bar atop Hotel G quickly skyrocketed to our favorite bar on all of Geary St (BOULEVARD, included!). You can hate us for that call, but you’ll still love Benjamin Cooper.

Courtesy of Jason Backrak

Best new first date bar


Address and Info

Upper Market

Technically this bar opened in December 2014, but its massive collection of arcade games (Ms. Pac-Man, Frogger, 1943, Final Fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter II, The Simpsons, San Francisco Rush, Double Dragon, and tons more!) likely didn’t start start easing Tinder date awkwardness until 2015 (lots of New Year’s resolutions to “get back out there”), so we’re including it because calendars are arbitrary markers of time and we make the rules, OK? Stoke early love with a nostalgic trip back to your childhood... and the 25 craft beers they have on tap, many of which fall in the perfect first-date price range of $4-$9.

Courtesy of Drake’s Dealership

Best new beer garden

Drake’s Dealership

Address and Info

Uptown Oakland

Ok it’s in Oakland, not San Francisco, BUT it’s only 20 minutes from downtown via Bart and again, we make the rules, AND it’s basically the beer garden of your dreams: 350 seats, fire pits, Adirondack loveseats, and the entire Drake's beer portfolio on tap, including experimental selections, usually only available at the brewery. Oh, and the garden part of the beer garden is housed in an old Dodge dealership that’s had its roof taken off but support beams left on, so it kinda feels like you’re drinking under the former Bay Bridge structure (the one that happened to meet its demise this year too -- how poignant).

Courtesy of Liam Passmore

Best new food-truck-gone-brick-and-mortar

Del Popolo

Address and Info

Nob Hill

For three years the wood-fired-pizza-oven-on-wheels spread Neapolitan pizza cheer all over the city from a glass-enclosed freight car until it finally found its forever-home (here’s hoping!) in a charming 50-seat Nob Hill storefront. The oven is rightfully the focal point of the space, while an expanded seasonal menu of California classics like Monterey Bay squid help to round out the meal.

Best new spot for big groups

Hawker Fare

Address and Info


It’s not just that this spacious, Thai island-inspired oasis can handle big groups, but the family-style menu actually begs for it because you should really try everything. Meanwhile, brightly covered picnic tables and amazing tiki drinks lend a casual vacation vibe that puts everyone into party mode. Pro tip: you can even do drinks family style when you order the Thai bottle service that, in true Bangkok fashion, is just Mekhong Thai whisky with selzer, and selections from the slushy machine. Yes, this place is basically just like backpacking through Thailand, only with fewer elephants. As in none.

Daisy Barringer/Thrillist

Best new brasserie


Address and Info

Cow Hollow

2015 saw a lot of brasseries, which, in case the term is so widely used that it’s lost meaning for you, refers to an informal restaurant (usually of the French persuasion) that serves simple, hearty food and lots of drink options. Belga might be Belgian-leaning, but it’s got the breezy energy and amazing comfort food parts down. The spaetzle and the dry-roasted mussels are de fue/feuer/brand... (that’s “fire” in French, German, and Dutch, FYI). Now the drinks... every type of drinking experience is done well, from the interesting, yet approachable, beer list to the cocktails to the beer-cocktails. Order the Loophole, which is a mix of Aperol, IPA, gin, grapefruit, and egg white, that tastes like a grown-up, more delicious Fanta soda.

The Dorian SF

Best new most Instagrammable bar

The Dorian

Address and Info


Sure the rich teal hues, dark wood, and walls of books with spines facing the wrong way totally lend itself to the Ludwig filter, but the fact that The Dorian is one of the city’s most beautiful bars isn’t the only reason it will dominate your weekend feeds. No, that would be the GIF-making photobooth in the bar. Let the array of martinis on the menu or a couple Van Winkles loosen up your duck faces before making the sort of moving memes your social media presence definitely needs.

Best new instant classic


Address and Info

Lower Pacific Heights

A lot of restaurants are called California cuisine and tout ingredient-forward simplicity, but Melissa Perello’s cozy Michelin-starred spot is now setting the standard for that very designation. An ever-changing menu of homey food is her jam, and when we say homey cooking, we don’t mean that you could cook this yourself -- hardly anyone can -- but rather that nothing is prepared with any fancy tricks, and you don’t need a dictionary or a copy of The Food and Wine Lover’s Companion to decipher the menu. In a time of highly stylized restaurants and culinary mash-ups, Perello’s mastery of subtlety makes her stand out. Also, everyone from your girlfriend to your grandparents will love this spot.

Amy Copperman/Thrillist

Best new coffee shop

Equator Coffees and Teas on Market

Address and Info


Not only did Equator come in high on our definitive ranking of the Bay’s best roasters, but this small sidewalk cafe in the middle of the Mid-Market gentrification boom serves boozy coffee drinks, too, including a delicious coconut white Russian.

Courtesy of Eric Wolfinger/Mourad

Best new place to power lunch


Address and Info


Michelin-starred chef Mourad Lahlou’s (Aziza) Moroccan cooking is delicious anytime of day, but the sprawling, grand setting -- featuring a massive marble bar, modern chandeliers that recall sea anemones, and bottles of wine that are literally suspended above you -- offers the sort of luxury usually reserved for expense accounts and your most important client. Lahlou’s lunch menu (must-orders include homemade fluffy flatbread with an assortment of spreads, avocado toast topped with albacore crudo, impossibly fluffy couscous, and a cucumber "salad" with merguez sausage and charred grapes) also lives up to the grandeur of the space. Order Anthony Parks’s cocktail trio, featuring mini versions of three of his interesting signature cocktails. Then take the rest of the afternoon off.

Best new place you haven’t heard of yet

Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio

Address and Info

Hayes Valley

The team behind Maven opened the jazz club of your dreams on December 15th, but we couldn’t wait for the New Year to tout everything it has going for it right out the gate: yummy drinks from the mind behind Maven, Prospect, and Nopa cocktails; a menu of booze-soaking bar bites that are at once “elevated” -- think brioche toast topped with Portuguese linguica sausage puree, pearl onions and nasturtium blossom vinegar -- and affordable (all nine dishes are $10 or under); live music seven nights a week with NO COVER EVER; and the kicker: a semi-private lounge area called THE OPIUM DEN. We know -- where has this place been all year/all life?! There's also a massive mural painted by local artist Amanda Lynn, which serves as the backdrop for rotating bands.

Courtesy of Whitechapel

Best new concept


Address and Info


The latest Martin Cate (Smuggler’s Cove) project isn’t so much a bar as it is an immersive experience in steampunk fantasyland. The high-concept Tenderloin barstaurant/cocktail lounge takes revelers to “an abandoned Victorian London subway-turned-gin distillery.” It all makes sense when you get there and start drinking some of the 400 gins and 120 gin-based cocktails.

Courtesy of Black Sands Brewery

The San Francisco-iest (in a good way!) new brewery

Black Sands Brewery

Address and Info

Lower Haight

Black Sands Brewery could be described with a lot of 2015 SF buzzwords. “Innovative": the homebrewers behind the operation also sell brewing kits and offer classes to DIY enthusiasts. “Diversified": It’s open at 9am for breakfast and they have an extensive cocktail menu from the former bar manager of The Hideout in Dalva and Lazy Bear, and a full lunch and dinner menu. “Local": even the owners live in the ‘hood and bike to work. “Ingredient-forward": the brewers experiment with just one grain and one hop for simple flavor profiles in their SMASH series. “Social": they’re all about educating the masses about beer and their blog offers regular peaks at the behind-the-scenes action. “Transparent": they give away brewing recipes to anyone who asks and the kitchen is so open you could literally help them stir things (note: don’t do that). In other words, the place could easily be the setting for a Portlandia-Silicon Valley crossover episode, but it’s also got a relaxed, friendly, and lively vibe that’s all genuine. Plus we’ve got multiple credible accounts of a delicious breakfast torta. A crew of ambitious, idealistic homebrewers, and a brewery that serves breakfast... what more do you want!?

Courtesy of Café Du Nord

Best new late-night happy hour

Cafe du Nord

Address and Info

Upper Market

SF saw a lot of good happy hour additions including several late-night options in 2015 (the battle-winning Indian tacos at both DOSA locations are calling your name). But there are few things more baller than ordering champagne and oysters at midnight in a subterranean live music bar. This can be your life at the revamped Cafe du Nord that offers half-off champagne and oysters when midnight strikes and, thanks to Chef McNaughton (Flour + Water, Salumeria, Aatxe, Central Kitchen), has a killer menu well into the night.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Best new regular happy hour

Cognac Room

Address and Info


Not only does this swanky, semi-secret new hangout in Gaspar Brasserie boast the largest selection of brandy in the city, but the place also lets you ball on a budget thanks to its killer happy hour deal: $1 oysters, $5 pomme frites, $6 glasses of red, white, and sparkling wine, and $7 Ma Cherie and Champage cocktails. Head there after work to fool yourself into thinking you’re Jay Gatsby.

Best new burger

Scotland Yard

Address and Info


2015 was a good year for burger connoisseurs which, um, we’re kinda paid to be (it's a seriously tough job). But while choosing favorite burgers in SF is kind of like living Sophie’s Choice, (Causwells, Cafe Du Nord, NOPA -- we’re still obsessed!), we’re giving this incredibly prestigious honor to Scotland Yard’s executive chef Jason Raffin for creating a burger that, months later, we’re still talking about. We’re pretty sure it has something to do with the bone marrow aioli, cornichon remoulade, two types of cheese, and double patties.

Amy Copperman/Thrillist

Best new brunch


Address and Info


What?! The counter-service deli/meat haven serves brunch?? Yes! And this still-under-the-radar spot totally won us over. Things we like about it, besides everything: first, the food is way above-average brunch food, while still being the kind of satisfying meal that can help undo last night’s damage. Definitely get the avocado toast that comes on sourdough bread and is topped with lime, chili, and seeds for texture, as well as the poached eggs with short ribs, polenta, and salsa verde, which is totally shareable though you might not want to. The space -- a sunlit covered patio with soothing water fixtures -- is beautiful and low-key too. As for the booze, the Blucher Creek cocktail with blood orange and rhubarb is way more refreshing and less acidic than the traditional mimosa (but they have those, too). And most convenient of all: the counter-service method of ordering tends to move things along quickly, BUT even if there’s a wait, you can (and should) order the homemade sticky bun to tie you over while you wait for a table to open up.

Courtesy of Trestle

Best new date restaurant


Address and Info

Jackston Square

Not only is the food comforting and delicious, but the prix-fixe tasting menu is maybe the best deal in town. $35 gets you three courses while an optional pasta supplement runs $10 and is so worth it. Bottles of wine are also reasonable with most clocking in around the $40 mark. The simple menu is designed to be shared and, refreshingly, offers only two options for its daily changing offerings, meaning you can save your decision-making skills for choosing which Netflix show to “chill” to after dinner.

Courtesy of Aatxe

Best new place for drinks and apps


Address and Info

Upper Market

While you could definitely enjoy a full meal at this Ne Timeas Group (Flour + Water) newcomer, the Basque-style tapas, excellent wine selection, and lively, stylish bar scene make this the perfect place for casual drinks and bites. Sit at the bar and try the octopus and the escabeches (conserved clams and mussels) that come in jars and are served with fresh bread.

Courtesy of Barrel Room

Best new “secret” bar

HogsHead Reserve

Address and Info


Are bars still secret if Grant Marek tells you exactly how to get into all of them? You can ponder that and then quickly decide you don’t care when you’re sipping cocktails in an old bank vault in this underground -- literally and figuratively -- spot located under The Barrel Room’s wine shop.

Best new splurge


Address and Info

Hayes Valley

Mexico City’s star chef Gabriela Cámara made her stateside debut in Hayes Valley and will likely change everything you think you know about the cuisine. It’s high-end, but not in a forced way, it doesn’t rely on meat for the dinner menu and instead focuses on seafood dishes and delicate, zesty flavors and considerable heat, and a full, satisfying meal won’t leave you in a food coma. While the food impresses, the space is one of the most beautiful with lush foliage adding color to an industrial white room, and lanterns with cut-outs that cast glowy patterns across the space. It’s always lively, but the innovative system of strategically placed speakers and microphones make conversation easy. Also notable: the restaurant is run with an eye toward social issues, using a tip-inclusive policy and working with local probation offices to employ SF residents who previously had a hard time finding work due to minor conviction records. Pro tip: if you want to try it without spending a lot of money, head to the back-alley taco shop (open for lunch) for a taste of Cámara’s mastery of Mexican flavors and handmade tortillas.

Best new reason to wait in line

Liholiho Yacht Club

Address and Info


It's arguably the hottest restaurant of 2015, and it hasn’t cooled in 11 months. Chef Ravi Kapur’s food, inspired by his Hawaiian heritage, is everything California cuisine strives to be: subtly creative, fresh, and ingredient-centric. Plus, what this man can do with spam... unreal. Don’t let the line that often shows up before first seating discourage you from what will likely be one of your favorite meals of the year. The restaurant reserves a third of its seating for walk-ins -- and the bar, communal table, and booths in the front room are where it’s at anyway. Once you get in, definitely order the Clifton Special cocktail, a refreshing mix of gin and coconut water that hydrates while getting you in the island mood.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Best opening of the year

Old Bus Tavern

Address and Info

Bernal Heights

We declared love at first sight back in July, and six months later, Old Bus Tavern is still our favorite opening of the entire year. In fact, the only thing we don’t like about it is that we don’t live right next door. OBT is the kind of brew pub every neighborhood wants right down to the trio of co-owners/best buds that started the joint with the help of an Indiegogo fund and VW van. But most importantly, everything from the the food to the energy is on point. It’s got a laid back Southwestern vibe, which makes the fact that you’re eating perfect sous vide pickled quail eggs and other elevated “pub grub” all the more surprising. Oh, and the drinks? The classic American- and Belgian-style house-brews, cocktails, and coordinated beer-and-shots are all killer (we're fans of the Lemon Basil saison). Reason #782 we love OBT: the owners use a revenue share and a tip-inclusive policy to lessen the wage gap between servers and back-of-house workers. It’s not an easy model to make work so go eat and drink there so hopefully one day benefits and a living wage in the restaurant industry is the rule, not the exception. Now excuse us while we browse Craigslist for open apartments on OBT’s block.

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Amy Copperman is a regular contributor to Thrillist who believes there was no better year to be an eater/drinker than 2015. Follow her on Instagram @coppergirl

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1. Benjamin Cooper 398 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

This difficult-to-find boozery in the Tendernob's Hotel G is definitely worth finding -- mostly because of its weekly-changing cocktail menu and cheap oysters, all of which are served in a super industrial space with wall-to-wall-to-ceiling concrete and sleek metal bar stools.

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2. Brewcade 2200 Market St #102, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

Get this: Brewcade's an arcade-meets-bar on Upper Market where you can spend hours playing classic video games like Ms. Pacman and Street Fighter. That’s twenty-one games, 24 beers on tap, and 70 more in bottles and cans, to be exact. It’s the perfect spot to bro out with friends or lessen an awkward first date because there will be something to distract you from the standard “So what do you do?” talk that usually marks that initial encounter.

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3. Drake's Dealership 2325 Broadway Auto Row, Oakland, CA 94612

Although the founders have been brewing since 1987, Drake's Dealership -- named after English explorer Sir Francis Drake -- opened in 2015. The open, industrial space and denim-clad servers are a nod toward the building's history as a Dodge dealership. Drake's offers house-made, award-winning beer and wood-fired pizza.

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4. Del Popolo 855 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94108

For three and a half years, Del Popolo put most food trucks to shame, roaming city streets with a massive wood-fire oven. Finally, the beloved ‘za found a permanent home in Nob Hill, where you can enjoy your pizza seated inside with a glass of wine. The 50-seat space offers an expanded menu that includes antipasti like frisee and sunchoke salad and fried green tomatoes. But don't worry, the truck is still available for private parties and catered events.

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5. Hawker Fare 680 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

The Mission outpost of this beloved Oakland eatery turns up the heat with spicy Thai-style street food and Tiki cocktails. The Thai-Issan menu features coconut milk curries and grilled meat dishes, as well as spicy salads and sides like chicken fat rice and fermented mustard greens. The family-style portions, picnic tables, and massive space make Hawker Fare an island oasis perfect for a group dinner.

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6. Belga 2000 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (Cow Hollow)

The first thing you'll notice when you walk into this Belgian-inspired brasserie in Cow Hollow is the wall of refrigerated bottled beers, complete with a sliding ladder. Belga has both killer cocktails and an extensive Belgian beer menu (10 beers on tap, more than 50 in bottles), and a menu that's perfect for sharing (Belgian frites, oysters on the half shell, sausage plates). Oh, and it's got a really great brunch menu with waffles, beignets, and schnitzel with eggs.

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7. The Dorian 2001 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

The Dorian is an opulent oasis with classic cocktails, a separate martini menu, and a sophisticated list of more than 75 whiskeys. Enjoy $1 oysters and half-off champagne during happy hour in the light-filled dining room (where you can also enjoy classic American fare), then retire to the lofted study that overlooks the main rectangular bar.

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8. Octavia 1701 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Much like The Empire Strikes Back only made you appreciate “Star Wars” that much more, Octavia, the sister restaurant to Frances, will make you appreciate Chef Melissa Perello the most. The concept is similar: refined home cooking. In this case, home cooking just means simple, without any fancy tricks, and utterly delicious. The menu changes every day, but look/plead for things like chilled squid ink pasta, Atlantic sea scallops with crispy prosciutto, and chili-doused deviled eggs.

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9. Equator Coffee and Tea on Market 986 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Having made a name for itself with cyclists and surfers in Marin, Equator Coffee and Teas finally made its move into San Francisco , dropping a chic industrial spot into the Mid-Market food-and-drink wasteland. They've got BOOZY coffee drinks exclusive to this location like the dangerously delicious Coconut White Russian, a “Naughty Brew” Irish-style coffee, and a boozy milk tea. They also serve arepas and salads.

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10. Mourad 140 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105 (Financial District)

Mourad Lahlou is one of the best chefs in the country. The Iron Chef America alum opened the Michelin-starred Aziza in 2001 and in 2015, took a step up with Mourad, which now also boasts a Michelin star. This is fine Moroccan cuisine, cross-pollinated with the best of what California has to offer. The Moroccan family-style dining dishes (La’Acha), like a 72-hour braised short rib, are a memorable experience.

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11. Mr Tipple's Recording Studio 39 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

The spirit of rhythm and blues rules this semi-secret bar and lounge in the Tenderloin. Named after the eponymous imaginary character Mr. Tipple, a smooth talking English A&R man, the bar features live jazz every night alongside inventive craft cocktails.

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12. Whitechapel 600 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

This Tenderloin bar is a gin oasis. The best part about Whitechapel isn't the gin selection (400!) or the gin-based cocktails (120!), but the Victorian London-meets-subway station decor. The space includes two bars, plenty of cozy corners, subway tiled walls, and generally eccentric paraphernalia. It serves food inspired by the regions integral to the gin trade, which means English pub fare with a hint of Indian spice (think fish & chips with saffron aioli).

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13. Black Sands Brewery 701 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (Lower Haight)

Breakfast and beer. What more do you really need? Black Sand Brewery offers up breakfast, beer (in the form of three house-made brews and three "guest" beers), lunch and espresso. If you need a recommendation, get the breakfast torta and a, um, beer.

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14. Cafe Du Nord 2174 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (Upper Market)

What happens when you take an over 100-year-old concert venue in Duboce Triangle, revamp it, and invite James Beard nominee Thomas McNaughton (the guy behind Flour + Water and Central Kitchen) to do the cooking and the Trick Dog guys to shake the cocktails? You get Café Du Nord, an absolutely killer new-but-old restaurant-cum-music-venue. The burger here is a juicy, messy-in-the-right-kind-of-way revamping of the classic, with gloriously melty sharp cheddar, lettuce, pickles, and secret sauce, and you can order it until 1am every night. Enjoy it in the Viking Room, a restaurant tucked away in the back, or at the bar while listening to live music and sipping a seriously good cocktail, and if you stay late, you can snag half price Champagne and oysters when the clock strikes midnight.

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15. The Cognac Room 185 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (Financial District)

This semi-secret bar above Gaspar Brasserie is home to the cities largest selection of brandy cocktails. John Codd (of Slanted Door and 15 Romolo) will school you in sophisticated spirits with a flight $19-$230) or one (or, let’s be real, 2-5) of the 50 brandy-based cocktails ($12 each) on the menu.

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16. Scotland Yard 3232 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (The Marina)

Everything on the menu at this Marina gastropub is worth trying: the burger with two kinds of cheese, the clam chowder puff pie, and the truffle fries. On weekends, Scotland Yard takes brunch to new levels with classy dishes like egg muffin sandwiches and brioche peanut butter & jelly. The interior is gorgeous in a Victorian-chic kind of way, and the back patio is definitely a plus.

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17. Salumeria 3000 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (The Mission)

From the team behind Flour + Water, this Mission deli combines Italian cured meats and San Francisco bread to serve an all-star lunch combination. Aside from salumi and prosciutto sandwiches, there are daily specials, like meatball Monday and wild card Wednesday. Salumeria also has a standout weekend brunch with fancy egg sandwiches and sourdough avocado toast. Whatever you do, don't walk out without getting the apple cinnamon donuts.

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18. Trestle 531 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (Jackson Square)

Life is full of really tough decisions, but thanks to the folks at Trestle, now you'll have a few less to make. Every night, they offer a daily changing three-course prix fixe menu, and all you have to do is choose one of the two options for each course. And decide if you want to add the optional pasta supplement. Even better? It's cheap. And, since you're saving so much money on what's truly delicious food, you won't feel bad about splurging on a bottle of wine.

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19. Aaxte 2170 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (The Castro)

Small plates are the name of the game at this Catalan inspired bistro in the Castro. Nibble on mussels escabeche, Manchego, and charcuterie; wash it all down with a Malbec from the well-curated wine list for a meal well spent.

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20. The Barrel Room 415 Sansome St, San Francisco, CA 94111 (Financial District)

Go to the Barrel Room for the wine and the food; stay for the secret speakeasy underneath the main floor (it's called The HogsHead Reserve). Seriously though, The Barrel Room is a great Financial District spot to meet friends or colleagues after work because it has a huge range of drinks available. The rotating wine menu focuses on a new region every three months, and wines are served by the glass or as flights. If you prefer something brown, they have flights of whiskey as well. Win/win.

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21. Cala 149 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

For your upscale Mexican needs, book a table at Civic Center’s Cala, a trailblazing & authentic spot. So, so much more than a taqueria, Cala hails from renowned Mexico City Chef Gabriela Camara and features fresh, exciting dishes that focus mainly on seafood. The gorgeous, spacious, and light-filled space will delight you with fresh ceviches, tostadas topped with salmon, smoked trout croquetas, and, of course, mezcal margaritas and palomas. Don’t miss its casual back-alley taqueria, either, which serves weekday tacos for lunch.

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22. Liholiho Yacht Club 871 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (Nob Hill)

Liholiho Yacht Club is a pop-up restaurant that found a permanent home in Nob Hill...and isn't a yacht club by any means. The kitchen serves a mash-up of Hawaiian, Californian, and Southeast Asian flavors, led by dishes like poppy seed steamed buns with beef tongue, tuna poke on a nori cracker, and twice-cooked pork belly. Aside from an à la carte menu, there's a family-style tasting dinner that's served at the Ohana Table, a communal table in the front of the restaurant.

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23. Old Bus Tavern 3193 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

This casual gastropub in Bernal Heights serves game-changing drinks and eats in a cool, friendly atmosphere. For starters, the bar's 14 taps are split between OTB beers brewed in-house and a rotating selection of local craft ones. The food menu, which has a four-course tasting option, is too good to be considered basic pub fare. The desserts are listed simply by flavor ("chocolate" and "vanilla") and are thoughtful, complex, and downright unforgettable. Old Bus Tavern's menu will tempt you to order everything on it.



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