Ohmygod, it's the Ramen Burger

oneup ramen burger san francisco

Now that you've finally gotten over the fact that you can get a cronut at five different places in SF, it's time to discover the newest crazy-delicious food hybrid to hit this city: the Ramen Burger, now available at at OneUP during lunch and dinner and epic Thrillist photo sessions. Speaking of which...

Ramen buns at OneUp

They start by parboiling and baking the ramen "buns", hun.

Searing Ramen at OneUp

Then it's time for a quick sear to make them crispy.

Patty at OneUp

The burger itself is made especially for OneUP Restaurant, a 100% grass-fed patty that doesn't even need mayonnaise.

Egg at OneUp

They top it with an egg and bacon because, egg and bacon.

Burger at OneUp

*Angelic choir noises*

Ramen Burger at OneUp

Verdict: This thing's incredible. Eat it now.