Where to get free food in SF, from bagels to oysters to BBQ

As Janet Jackson once sang, "Two to the power of love". Wait... no... it's, "The best things in life are free". Yeah, that one. And because this is the ultimate truth, we've gathered up everything we could find in SF that you can get for free, you cheap sons of... very nice ladies.

Flickr/Jessica Spengler


La Victoria Bakery (The Mission): In collaboration with Sour Flour, they've got free bagels starting at 8am.

Sugar Lounge (Hayes Valley): Free Asian food (sushi, tempura, etc.) during happy hour, 5-730pm. 

Hot Dog


White Horse Tavern (Union Square): Free hot dogs. And popcorn. And shuffleboard.

Dave's Bar (FiDi): Free cheese! 4-6pm.



Jay'n Bee Club (The Mission): Free chips and salsa!

Amelie (Nob Hill): Free appetizer when you buy a bottle of wine during HH, 5-7pm.

Owl Tree
Owl Tree


The Owl Tree (Tenderloin): Free cheese plate with a drink order during happy hour, 430-7pm.

Thieves Tavern (The Mission): Free grilled cheese (w/ avocado and tomato!!) during happy hour, 5-8pm.

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El Rio (The Mission): Free oysters on the half-shell at 530pm (and not a minute later -- they go fast!).

The Riptide (Parkside): Free comfort food courtesy of Alisha, 4-7pm.

BBQ Chicken


Lucky 13 (Duboce Triangle): Free BBQ, 4-7pm.

Bender's SF
Bender's Bar


Bender's Bar & Grill (The Mission): Free BBQ!

The Frankenart Mart (Inner Richmond): Free hot dogs from 1-6pm, usually every first Sunday.

Cal Sailing Club (Berkeley): Free sailboat(ing)! Every first Sunday.

Dolores Corner (Noe Valley): Free grilled meats! During games only!

The Valley Tavern (Noe Valley): Free burgers and hot dogs.