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A Sac-Town staple comes to SF

It's an oft-told, well-loved story: small town boy dreams huge and decides to try his luck under the bright lights of the big city, makes the move, and attempts to strike it rich, only to be thwarted by Phoebe Cates, Kiefer Sutherland, and cocaine. Dreaming beyond its Sacramento home, The Sandwich Spot. Thrilling human tongues in cowville just doesn't do it for the The Sando Spot no mo', so the Sacto chain known for its plethora of crazy-delicious breadwiches is off to SF, with a Marina outpost that's oddly done up Island-style, with Tiki carvings, bamboo, and a wall mounted surfboard, which may be slightly off-kilter, but let 'em roll with it -- it's the first time they've seen the ocean. Every fat specialty comes on your choice of baked-fresh-daily bread (sourdough, Dutch Crunch, sweet roll...), and colorfully named options include the ham/prosciutto/salami/provolone Jimmy Goodtimes, the triple-decker Blavocado (BLT+A), and the marinated chicken, patented spicy "Bomb Sauce" smothered Hot Chick, named after that one Sac chick, Deb, who moved to LA, damn her. If you're really looking to make a mess, opt for the Soul Surfer (basically a Reuben), the BBQ/teriyaki/Bomb sauce-slathered P**n Star, or the hot turkey/cranberry sauce/cream cheese Horny Hapa, a sandwich that unsurprisingly is part white meat. What's better, everything on the menu's under ten bucks, and they'll even deliver your order via beach cruiser if you're in the area, which, as long as said cruiser's being pedaled by a revved-up Kiefer Sutherland, is everywhere.