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Savas Brick Oven Pizza

For some, moving out of your comfort zone can lead to success, like Mos Def delving into acting, but doesn't quite work for others, like R. Kelly delving into acting that doesn't involve peeing on anyone. Boldly moving from a comfort zone of take-out to the big, scary world of full-service: Savas

Located in the former Mocha's site now decked with dark wood floors and tables, and red/black banquettes, Savas is the first sit-down from the minds behind Fairmount Pizza and Alessandro's Pizza & Grill, offering brick-oven pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and even traditional Greek dishes, which're great, if not as fine as China. After burgers and wings, entrees include Italian staples like Penne a la Vodka along with Greek stuff like Pastisito (tube pasta layers, ground meat sauce, bechamel) and Souvlaki: marinated grilled pork or chicken served with lemon wedges and tzatziki, the best use of "tzatziki" since you pointed out your buddy Zeke in a crowd, and used his nickname. Pizzas're slabs of homemade dough and herb-infused sauce made with guidance from a Neapolitan friend, and include a white Mediterranean job with eggplant, peppers, kalamata olives, and feta, a Fiesta pie with grilled chicken, jalapenos, and chipotle sauce, and one with portobellos, Canadian bacon, green peppers, and gouda known as the Euro, which is currently 1.67 times more pie than the Americano

Seasonal desserts, like spring's current cheese pie, are prepped by hand by the Greek owners, and there's a fully-loaded bar stocked with local and national suds sure to keep you full of piss and vigor, or if you're R. Kelly, just vigor.