Tom Douglas' new snackery at Pike Place

You never know what to expect from your neighbors -- will they throw trash in your yard or will they dispatch vaguely philosophical advice Tim Allen will hilariously botch when trying to talk to Randy about Binford's pollution record? From a big time chef who solved that problem by becoming his own neighbor; Seatown Snack Bar.

Opened right next to his Market mainstay Etta's, the latest vittlery from James (and actual) Beard'd chef Tom Douglas is a 40-seat raw/seafood spot slinging fresh-from-the-market cold/precooked eats, and boasts a clam-shaped room-dominating bar surrounding a raised/open kitchen; there's also a separate take-out/retail counter slinging a variety of meats cooked rotisserie-style, which unlike real cooking only requires clipping stats from USA Today's home section. Grub starts with Dungeness options, including a spicy pot steamed whole crab; the Julia Child's Local Dungeness w/ mayo & lemon; and the tobiko & avocado Wild Thing, also Charlie Sheen's nickname in Major League/seedy strip clubs. Other edibles range from smoked seafood (rockridge cider brined trout w/ pistachio & blackberry), to daily market finds (pacific octopus w/ turmeric & cucumbers), sandwiches (garlic tzatziki Painted Hills Short Rib), and entree platters like the dripping potatoes/garlic braised Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, where one winner is you, and the other is whoever's making up an excuse not to kiss you.

The take-out counter (between Etta's and Seatown) is serving up pot pies (roasted chicken, sage butter turkey), sandwiches (porchetta w/ sweet pepper relish), and the above mentioned rotisserie cooked proteins, which include the usual, plus not-usual choices like whole roasted rabbit, and lavendar honey duck legs, also the real reason Wilson hides his body behind that fence.