Lummi Island, Bainbridge Island, and even Seattle all have places you need to hit up next year


In case you've finally tired of eating Supreme French Bread Pizza every night, the kings and queens of the Seattle culinary scene are here to tell you the food and drink they'll be getting after in the New Year, none of which comes in a microwavable sleeve

Holly Smith, Chef, Cafe Juanita
"I'm looking forward to the opening of Shanik. The Cafe Juanita crew already has a private table reserved!

Brad Glaberson, Owner/Executive Chef, Cucina Fresca
"A Pimm’s Cup at the Dahlia Lounge; a Zip Royale and fries at Zippy’s Burgers; a pizza from Elemental Pizza; and a waffle and ice cream at Lloyd Martin. Yep, that’s my last meal if the governor doesn’t call by 11:59pm. The cucumber garnish with the Pimm’s Cup will be my vegetable!

Ethan Stowell, Chef/owner, Ethan Stowell Restaurants
"Foie gras, I don't care if it is not PC, it's damn good. That and champagne. My wife was pregnant or breast feeding most of 2012 so we're going to drink lots of champagne when she's able.

Brian & Jaime Brooks, Chefs/Owners, Hunger
"Shanik, The Augustus, and anyplace with a view of a tropical beach.

Tom Ennis, CEO, Oh Boy! Oberto Beef Jerky
"The Bacon Jam spread at Skillet in Capitol Hill. More bacon, please! I love that it’s available to buy and take home… I can indulge anytime.

Greg Lopez, Chef, Urbane
"The Last Parsnip on Bainbridge. From getting on the ferry, to the lighthouse, to the menu, to the return trip back into the city... there are few experiences like it.

Jon Christiansen, Bar Manager, Monsoon East & Ba Bar
"I'm stuck on lighter alcohol drinks. Beer souped up with liqueurs, cocktails topped with prosecco or shaken with white wine. The last meal I purchased was a XXX burger in Issaquah. I didn't read the menu, but pointed at a picture and said "does that come with fries?". The guy said yes without mentioning it was a foot in diameter with five beef patties. I almost finished it, so apparently I 'must eat' nearly anything.

Sam Crannell, Chef/Owner, Lloyd Martin
"Agrodolce, Roux, and Rock Creek.

Jason Wilson, Chef, Crush
"Ox in Portland, the Willows Inn on Lummi Island, and Catbird Seat in Nashville.

Scott Smith, Co-Owner, Q Nightclub
"A one-year anniversary dinner with my new, as yet to be determined (much younger) boyfriend at Canlis, followed by several Thai Mule cocktails at Q -- made with Q Thai coconut curry vodka paired w/ Rachel's Ginger Beer."

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