Just a trailer serving waffles/pancakes on a stick

Hot cakes. They're no longer just what that weird guy in your building keeps calling your girlfriend, thanks to My Sweet Little Cakes, a bright orange trailer serving up made-from-scratch hotcakes-on-a-stick on Cap Hill.

MSLC's fondness for '50s kitsch extends to the trailer's graphics, the owners' sock-hop-appropriate outfits and, as you can see, the mid-century-inspired postcards they're slinging from the window

Kick things off harder than 2006 Roger Levesque with this free range chicken & waffle w/ maple butter.

If you don't like maple butter, that's ludicrous, but perhaps you'll enjoy the cornbread, cheddar, jalapeño, & cilantro, or the beer & hickory smoked bacon w/ maple syrup

And once you've gotten dinner out of the way, stuff your face with something sweet like the red velvet buttermilk, dark cherry, & sweet cream cheese option, then expect no one to call you anything but "heavyset" or "big boned" for a long, long while.