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Mexican sandwich-slinger relocates to Cap Hill

Even if the Mariners coaching staff didn't suck at evaluating players, they would still have a much harder time trading up more successfully than Torteria Barriga Llena, a traditional Mexican sandwich shop that's traded Greenwood for the more commerce-friendly confines of Guanaco's Tacos Pupuseria's old space on Cap Hill. To find TBL you've gotta walk down an alley, but since it's the Broadway Alley the only bums are usually the ones in seats at HaNa. There's a range of traditional South-of-the-Border eats like these tacos al pastor, but their signature dish is that torta up top with four kinds of meat: breaded steak, housemade chorizo, sausage, & pork leg.There's no alcohol, but they do have the full range of authentic real-sugar sodas, including the only kind of Mexican Coke you can import without ever having to trade up on your dealer to avoid jail time.