The pop-up pasta destination, now permanently in Pioneer Square

Moving to Pioneer Square seems like a great idea, until you realize there aren't any grocery stores and parking is crappy. But moving your restaurant to Pioneer Square is a great idea 'cause it's not like people can go to a grocery store instead, and... well, the parking may still be crappy, but if you're the guy behind former Pike Street Hillclimb pop-up Il Corvo that doesn't really matter, since you now live close enough to walk to your new permanent location in the old Built Burger anyway

Don't worry, this is just a handsome picture -- they don't just throw their meticulously handmade pasta down on the table dry and expect you to eat it. They'd much prefer you eat the tagliatelle with wild boar ragu pictured above.

They don't use this vintage pasta maker to make said pasta either. They use entirely different vintage pasta makers that aren't being used as decorations.

And now that they've got a full kitchen, the old pasta making table isn't being used either -- it's just a table posted up in a dining room that's exactly what you won't be if you eat their food every day: long and skinny.

The tiny menu literally rotates every day between 30 varieties of pasta, so if you don't see this farfalle with spicy coppa, sugar snaps, Parm & a light butter sauce, try not to freak out.

They've also got non-carbs via fresh mozz and prosciutto that's thinly sliced, like someone getting stabbed by Ally McBeal.

And a house made focaccia prepped by the chef/owner since he got his start as a bread-maker, which is how you'd likely describe whoever opens that first grocery store in P-Square.