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Flaming hot 'za in a parking lot

Parking lots are really only good for... ugh, parking, which hasn't really been fun since Sara Webley made you stop at second base junior year because she heard you were bragging that she was easy during JV basketball practice. But now thanks to Seattle Wood Fired Pizza, there's a parking lot in Interbay that's also perfect for getting handmade 'za so good you'll want to go to first base with the chef, but won't, because that'd be weird. SWFP's prototype trailer is built around an oven fueled by what proceeds "do what in this situation?" at every Microsoft strategy meeting: applewood. It also carries all the fixings, starting with sauce and housemade dough so fresh you won't begrudge giving 'em a little of yours for it.Next is everyone but vegan Slim Charles' favorite ingredient, cheese! It then gets toppings like mozz and fresh tomato for the Margherita pictured up top, or every possible protein for people who are true lovers of meat. Finally, it is into the 702-degree-hotter-than-Nick-Lachey's-band oven. After just a few minutes, your trip to SWFP's particular parking lot will have paid off, 'cause your pie'll be what Sara Webley understandably never was: ready to go.