Sweet and sour calamari steaks and cocktails named after Jesus

Billy Beach Sushi

When Eddie Murphy did Raw, he famously said the word "f**k" 223 times -- presumably because he realized that no one does raw like Billy Beach, the dude behind Japonessa and this 60-seat Ballard sushi bar (and bar bar), where the menu's much more traditional than his usual Latin-infused fare but still Deliriously good.If you've got a fishy feeling about this place, it might be because you've seen it before: it used to be Paratii Craft Bar. Either that, or it's the giant metal fish cladding the wall.They pretty much gutted the old space and brought in an artist from Oz... er, Australia, who's a wizard with custom wall panels.The artistry extends to the food, like this Omakase-style -- or chef's choice -- sushi plate which boasts raw bites like sea urchin, tuna brushed w/ sweet sake & soy, and cured blue shrimp that is just... um, sick.Bento boxes will include a few pieces of one of the chef's signature rolls (like the spicy yellowtail one at the top of the page), plus things like this pickled salmon.Not-raw foodstuffs include this sweet & spicy calamari steak that's so good you might want to cuttle(with this)fish. To wash it all down, there're some next-level cocktails like this mezcal-/mint-based Okinawan Jesus, and a rum & shiso number named for a place where things are always pretty raw: the Nudie Beach.

Billy Beach Sushi Interior
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