Rustic pizzas burned... err, cooked on stone


Naming a restaurant after yourself can be a risky move in famously humble Seattle, but Bastille's executive chef Jason Stoneburner has totally pulled it off by opening a Ballard Ave spot where his last name also describes what the restaurant's all about -- almost everything's literally cooked on hearths made of... waitforit... stone, though hopefully he's a little less literal about burning things.

Stoneburner Interior

The method of cooking isn't the only thing that's old school; as they've done at Bastille, Poquitos, etc., the crew running SB has filled the space with a shton of reclaimed materials, including a turn-of-the-century pressed tin ceiling from an... um, old school.

Stoneburner Interior

Additional touches include hammered-glass factory windows and wood from a decommissioned Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires -- though, sadly, using that fact to try and pick up ladies at the marble-topped bar probably won't improve your chances of initiating domestic relations.

Stoneburner Bar

Sitting at the bar's still a good idea though, because, in addition to serving cocktails crafted by the guy who does the drink menus at Bastille and MacLeod's...

Stoneburner Charcuterie

... the SB crew might just hand you some gratis sliced meat from the nearby charcuterie station.

Stoneburner Pizza

You'll probably need something more filling, though, so opt for rustic 'za like this fresh mozz/tomato/basil number, or the Spicy Lamb Meatball w/ kale & Provolone, which is not to be confused with a popular support group for non-bigamist wives living outside Salt Lake City.

Stoneburner Pizza

Because it comes with a mound of parmesan, chillies, and house-dried oregano, you'll probably be something of an Outkast if you're not Crumblin' (the) Erb on your pie.

Stoneburner Pasta

They've also got pasta dishes like the brightly flavored Little Queen w/ spinach pesto, ricotta & preserved lemon, which pretty accurately described Jack even during the Glengarry Glen Ross days.

Stoneburner Salata

Lighter fare includes a "salata" made with wild rice, carrots, ricotta, and one more kind of radish than you knew existed: two, which is probably also the number of Seattle restaurants named for chefs you can think of. Seriously, try it! And then let us know how you did in the comments.