How to dominate the menu at Bar Cantinetta

pasta from bar cantinetta -- seattle

Opened by the crew behind Wallingford's Cantinetta and Bellevue's Mercato Stellina Pizzeria, this compact Madison Valley-boozer is pouring a shton of wines to go with an equal shton amount of playfully simple Italian, which we will now show you how to dominate by the… shton.

Bar Cantinetta Pork Belly

Start with a handful of antipasti items, including this crispy pork belly w/ a vivid huckleberry sauce & micro greens.

Bar Cantinetta Arancini

Arancini are freakin' delicious fried balls of ragu coated in breadcrumbs and, in this case, served on a smattering of mushy Summer peas.

Bar Cantinetta Duck Egg and Truffles

One Quilceda Farm duck egg + Black truffles + Toast = A snack that IS toast... or would be if you'd quit doing math already, and get back to dominating this menu.

Bar Cantinetta Risotto

Next up: A highly complex risotto w/ fennel sausage & strawberries, but not Darryl Strawberries 'cause then it'd just be high.

Bar Cantinetta Charred Octopus

Time to clear your palate with what passes for a salad at BC: Charred octopus w/ garbanzo beans & celery hearts.

Bar Cantinetta Tartare

The Bistecca alla Tartare from Painted Hills (complete w/ a gorgeous quail egg) is particularly well done, without being... you know, well done. Or cooked at all, really.

Bar Cantinetta Bombolotti alla Bolognese

If you're anti-pasta then... um, go back and order some more appetizers(?) 'cause this Bombolotti alla Bolognese with... waitforit!... a shton of melted cheese on top, probably isn't for you.