Food & Drink

#BDOYL. It's here, Seattle.

Hope you've got the most flattering Instagram filter and your very best tuxedo tee picked out, 'cause today's not just gonna be a good day -- no, it's not even gonna be a great day. It is going to be... the freaking Best Day of Your Life

There's 15hrs and 59mins of sweet, sweet Seattle daytime just waiting to be filled with epically fun times. Luckily, you've got a sexy, Thrillist-approved itinerary (plus this mobile version, which'll let you save the whole thing to your Foursquare app) that lays out some of the best things the Town has to offer, including some one-time-only deals like:

  • A totally free small drip coffee -- hot or iced! -- at Bauhaus Coffee & Books*
  • Free 'tizer deviled eggs at Matt's in the Market*
  • A gratis pretzel for the first 50 people to come to order beer at Von Trapp's*, which is also where Thrillist'll be playing bocce with and buying beer for anyone there early enough**
  • $7 gin'd up Flor de Pintxo 'tails for Thrillist readers until 7p, at Pintxo*

  • Don't forget to follow the action here, brag about the fun you're having on Twitter with the hashtag #BDOYL, and bring out all your buddies, co-workers, girlfriends, and hot lady-friends to join in on the party

    *You'll need to check in on Foursquare for those ones **While supplies last on the freebies at Von Trapp's -- first come, first served