Sweet pork belly sliders from Some Random Bar... literally

Some Random Bar Slider

What's the best way to make people think your drinking establishment is a destination instead of just some random bar? Apparently one pair of booze-and-each-other-lovers thinks it's to literally call it Some Random Bar... so that's what they did with the old C.S. Finnegan's, where they're serving some sweet cocktails, PBR tallboys that come in paper bags (!), and eats from a former Four Seasons chef that include Crab Nachos, Twice-Cooked Oxtails, and these badass Pork Belly Sliders. Check 'em out below:

Some Random Bar

The sign out front is blank (seriously!), so it might be hard to find this brick-walled boozer...

Some Random Bar Back Porch Lemonade Cocktail

... but once you do, sit down and order two things: one of their refined, old-school 'tails (this vodka-based Back Porch Lemonade's a good start), and the pasture-raised pork belly sliders.

Some Random Bar Pork Belly

These peerless bites of pork start with thick slices from the belly coated with a honey-cider vinegar glaze.

Some Random Bar Slider Bun

While the belly's burning, SRB starts toasting the exact opposite of what yours'll be if you eat here everyday: mini buns.

Some Random Bar

Next, the pig parts go down over some charred jalapeno relish, and a pile of strawberry-cabbage slaw goes down on the plate.

Some Random Bar Slider

Finally, it gets topped with some gherkins, which you'll shortly be... um, jerkin' off of toothpicks so you can stuff this whole thing in your mouth.

Some Random Bar Slider

These suckers are clearly a must-have, but there's so much other good stuff (free-range chicken wings, five-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder, chocolate-dipped bacon strips!), that you could literally order... waitforit... some random item, and be totally happy.