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7 new food trucks you need to try right now

The single best kind of truck is obviously a Tonka Truck (mostly 'cause it'll carry wayyy more G.I. Joes through your mom's garden than their stupid troop transport), but the second best kind is probably a taco truck. Or maybe a truck carrying Sloppy Joes. But whatever it is, it's definitely some kind of food truck, like these seven sweet new mobile eats operations...

Mr. Gyros
Seattle’s favorite gyro-slinging brothers are now on wheels (in addition to their Ballard and Greenwood brick-and-mortar spots), so now you can catch The Town's sweetest Mediterranean eats in places like Bothell, West Seattle, and Redmond. Or... um, on second thought, just stick to the brick-and-mortars.
Chona Kasinger
Napkin Friends
Three words (two of which we understand): potato latke sandwiches, like the O.G. (house pastrami, Mama Lil's peppers, arugula, Thousand Island, horseradish & Gruyere), the classic combo (Honey Crisp apple, caramelized onions, sherry, vinegar, thyme, spinach and brie), and other potato-y goodness, all of which you can grab lunchtimes in the Banya 5 parking lot in South Lake Union.
Chick’n Fix
Chick’n Fix
Haunting West Seattle and SoDo these days, Chick’n Fix is... um, fixing... all-star offerings like their "bola bola" chicken balls, rosemary fries, lumpia (fried filipino egg rolls), and more.
Hotbox Street Gourmet
A former promoter-turned-taco-tycoon has turned Tacos de la Noche (located right next to Belltown Billiards) into a hot spot for nachos, quesadillas, and more… so if you find yourself in the otherwise barren late night culinary territory that is Belltown on a Saturday night, you won't have to do something lame like go into the aforementioned Belltown Billiards home hungry.
Buddha Bear Bagels and Cafe
Buddha Bear Bagels and Cafe
Posting up in the formerly truck-less downtown Tacoma, BBB & Cafe is dishing up everything from grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches, to more involved lunchtime eats like this apple-smoked sausage on a Greek pita flatbread w/bacon ranch, smoked bacon & Sriracha.
Chona Kasinger
Neema’s Comfort
From a husband and wife team -- the latter of whom spent the last 20yrs convincing the former to stop landscaping and start cooking for a living -- this Southern foodery is serving a small but hefty selection of eats like ribs; their pulled smoked chicken Big Texan sandwich; and sides like collard greens and mac and cheese.
Chona Kasinger
Brown Bag Baguette
Splitting its time between Bellevue and SLU, BBB slings super-tasty banh mi's and other French bread-based sandwiches made with things like steamed Vietnamese ham (from an old family recipe), and housemade marinades, aiolis, and pickles you'll want to immediately put in your GI (Joe) tract. 

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