The Best Restaurant for Large Groups in Every Seattle 'Hood

If you’ve lived in Seattle long enough to overcome the Freeze, you've probably had opportunities to gather a group for a meal. And when planning for a big group meal, the pressure’s on to find a restaurant with plenty of space, good service, delicious food, and somewhere that hopefully won’t kick you out when you ask them to split the bill 17 ways (pro tip: download Venmo or PayPal and make everything easier for everybody). So, where can you find these restaurants that make a great fit for your group? Right here!

Brimmer & Heeltap
Brimmer & Heeltap | Will Foster/Brimmer & Heeltap

Brimmer & Heeltap


Though a small space, the main section of the restaurant can still accommodate a medium-to-large group. But the real secret here is the extra spaces: the sprawling patio hidden behind a garden gate, and the private dining section (note: a facility fee does apply). The back space -- which has its own fire pit and kitchen for demos -- pops with turquoise trimmings, giving a fun, celebratory style to any event.
How to reserve: Email

Local 360
Local 360

Local 360


Fresh, local, and simple are what the chefs strive for here: fried chicken, steak frites, and clam chowder. Basic dishes with elevated twists will make for an interesting gathering, where everyone will find food to fit their palate -- even if there’s 50 of you squeezing into the chef’s table.
How to reserve: Email


Capitol Hill

The mezze-style small plates, shareable breads, and kebabs at this Middle Eastern treasure make great food over which to gather. The big space and boisterous room welcome crowds, and the large table in the front is perfect for big groups -- giving you an enviable view of those fresh breads coming out of the oven.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.906.9606

Super Six
Super Six | John Beck/Courtesy of Super Six

Super Six

Columbia City

From the people who made us fall in love with SPAM sliders, Nunya sauce, and sexy tofu tacos comes this sprawling South End charmer. With plenty of space -- and a beer garden out back -- Super six lets you load the tables up with Hawaiian-style chicken wings, aloha fries, and mac salad.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.420.1201

Barolo | Flickr/Simone.brunozzi



With a huge central table and plenty of space in the bright, modern dining room, this spot specializes in groups (even seating up to 22 at its communal table). If needed, it can keep things simple with group menus -- controlling costs and highlighting the Italian specialties (at which it excels).
How to reserve: Call them at 206.770.9000

Restaurant Roux


A little New Orleans style brings the life into every gathering. With jalapeño hushpuppies, shrimp & grits, and jambalaya, it’s a little taste of the Crescent City in Seattle. And with a big front table, strong cocktails, and an atmosphere like a parade heading for Bourbon Street, les bon temps rouler!
How to reserve: Call them at 206.547.5420 or email

The Yard Cafe


If your group, like any sane person, loves beer and tacos, this is the place to toast to Mexican food and IPAs. While the main attraction is the outdoor space (each picnic table seats about 10 people), if your group is larger than 10, head to the back room for a long communal table that can keep your whole crew together.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.588.1746


International District

After more than a century of operation, it’s no surprise that this Japanese restaurant knows what it's doing with giant slabs of fish draped over rice, and a fantastic array of traditional and modern appetizers. A set of tako-yaki (octopus fritters) makes the perfect beginning to a meal in one of Maneki’s reservable tatami rooms (up to 10 people).
How to reserve: Call them at 206.622.2631 or text ‘em at 425.954.6469

Chiang’s Gourmet

Maple Leaf

Chinese-style dining in the US makes sharing food among a group easy: big tables, family-style service, and affordable dishes. In Seattle, the big tables at the center of Chiang’s do it best, bringing out dish after dish of five-star chicken, spicy-hot fish fillet, and the incredible Shanghai noodles.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.527.8888

Style Hot Pot

North Seattle

Chinese hot pot can be a perfect group food: the boiling soup can be easily shared, and everyone can dip whatever foods they’d like into it. Housed in a former karaoke joint, it retains the mirrored ceiling and roomy booths of the previous occupant, but the giant space also allows for even bigger groups to share extended tables. The free cold appetizers and make-your-own-sauce bar allow for complete customization.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.257.3888

Quality Athletics
Quality Athletics | Sarah Flotard/Courtesy of Quality Athletics

Quality Athletics

Pioneer Square

Don’t call it a sports bar. That it’s practically a block from the stadiums and has a sports theme is inconsequential: what’s important here are the crisp fries, smart sandwiches, and boozy slushies. Oh, and the Trophy Room, where your group can have a private bar, indoor and outdoor seating, and your own fire pit.
How to reserve: Book online via Gather

Queen Anne Beer Hall
Queen Anne Beer Hall

Queen Anne Beerhall

Queen Anne

With 7,000sqft of beer-drinkin’ and pretzel-eatin’ space, we’re pretty sure they can squeeze you in, even if your group suddenly exploded from “just a few friends” to “everybody and their monkey.” And even the monkeys will find something to love among the 25 taps, cocktails with house-made syrups and shrubs, and brat-heavy food menu.
How to reserve: Email

Jack’s BBQ


Take the team on a trip to Central Texas with brisket and barbecue galore. Even though it’s not technically in Texas, everything’s bigger here, with plenty of space for big groups -- and a private dining room if needed (the Double D Lounge). The biggest platter it offers, should your event happen on a Tuesday, is the giant beef ribs. There’s no doubt this dish is worth rescheduling your birthday for.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.467.4038

Crawfish House
Crawfish House

Crawfish House

White Center

Nothing bonds a group faster than learning to “Suck dem haids n pinch dos tails!” as a sign commands you to do at this casual Vietnamese-Cajun seafood house. Empty a bag of crawfish, crabs, shrimp, corn, sausage, and potatoes onto the table, order up a round of drinks, and wrestle out that sweet meat. When special shipments of crawfish come in, you can reserve enough for your group through its Facebook page.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.588.1613

Ma'Ono | Geoffrey Smith/Courtesy of Ma'Ono


West Seattle

Not only will this Hawaiian-inspired spot pull together as many tables as needed to cater to your group, but when you make your reservation, you can reserve as much fried chicken as your group will need -- including gluten-free options. The giant platters of whole or half birds, twice-fried, go perfectly with the house kimchee and SPAM musubi, and will fill your group up until you’re all clutching your bellies and fighting for the leftovers.
How to reserve: Call them at 206.935.1075 or email

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