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Where to Eat in Seattle Right Now

Kin Len Thai Bites
Courtesy of Kin Len Thai Bites

With traffic still light, most people working from home, and the days still long, a rare phenomenon occurs in Seattle: the perfect opportunity to try a new restaurant. It no longer matters if that means crossing town or threading into the oddly limited hours. You have the awesome responsibility of supporting the intrepid folks out there opening and operating restaurants amid the most difficult of circumstances. And it all pays off: In return, you get creative soft-serve ice cream, tender ribs, Russian dumplings, and Vietnamese-style coffee.

Coffeeholic House

Columbia City
The gist: Creamy, smooth Viet-style coffee drinks whipped, stirred, and pulled in a bright, Pinterest-perfect space.
The food: Espresso standards and creative spins including ube lattes and sea salt green tea with cheese foam.
The cost: Most drinks start in the $5 range.
How to order: Order online or by phone 206-722-3327 for in-store pick-up
Sunny Hill
Sunny Hill | Courtesy of Feed It Creative

Sunny Hill

Sunset Hill
The gist: Seasonal, high-quality ingredients meet trendy crispy-edged pizzas from restaurateur Jason Stoneburner and chef Sara Eveland.
The food: Detroit-style square pies, gourmet-minded round pizzas, and an eclectic array of other things -- including a big ol' burger.
The cost: Round pies range from $18-22, square from $22-24
How to order: Pre-order on Tock or call 206-659-0355 for day-of.


Beacon Hill
The gist: A minimalist spot from the team behind Homer brings a favorite dessert up the street and into the spotlight.
The food: Creative, seasonal soft-serve in flavors like fig leaf or Rainier cherry, swirled into cones and a half-dozen variations of fried chicken sandwich.
The cost: Sandwiches run $9-13, cones are $5.
How to order: You have to show up for this one.

The Barbeque Pit

Central District
The gist: Some of the best ribs in town are back. After losing his space to development last year, renowned pitmaster Pookey reopened in the old R&L space on Yesler in July.
The food: The legendary ribs are the must-order, but there's a full slate of smoked meats and classic Southern sides.
The cost: A full pork rib dinner goes for $19.50.
How to order: Call to place an order (206) 325-3205, or stop in.


The gist: Lake City's loss becomes Wallingford's gain as this Russian cocktail and snack bar reopens after losing its space last year.
The food: The menu is small but filled with Russian staples -- pickles, dumplings, and borsh.
The cost: A bowl of dumplings, depending on size and filling, costs $9-12.
How to order: Order online for pick-up (cocktails, too!).


The gist: Mutsuko Soma's handmade soba remains the star it has always been, and an expanded supporting cast of sides and starters makes it even more enticing.
The food: The buckwheat soba noodles, made fresh daily, comes in a multitude of creative forms -- anything with seafood is a sure bet.
The cost: Appetizers like broccoli miso caesar run about $6, while noodle bowls are $18-20
How to order: Stop in, call (206) 632-0185, or order online for pick up. Delivery via Uber Eats.


The gist: Edouardo Jordan's culinary ode to his Southern upbringing, translated through his fine-dining training and Northwest larder.
The food: A rotating cast of family dinners like prime rib with charred okra and cornbread panzanella.
The cost: $60
How to order: Pre-order online for pick-up at selected time or call (206 257-4470 for day-of.
Courtesy of Musang


Beacon Hill
The gist: Filipino cuisine, interpreted through a personal, Northwest filter by chef Melissa Miranda, resulting in a creative but comfortingly familiar menu.
The food: A "summer in a bowl" version of pancit with peas and squash, MusangJoy fried chicken with house gravy and pickles, and similar
The cost: A main dish for $15-20, sides for $5-12.
How to order: Order online for pick-up (patio dining available).


The gist: This cute cafe and pastry shop leans in hard to its Georgian roots, supplying the city with the country's famous cheesy breads.
The food: The cheese-filled khachapuri catch the most eyes, but the khinkali dumplings and various salads and stews deserve equal praise.
The cost: Khachapuri start at $9, khinkali at $7.
How to order: Order for pick-up or delivery online.


Hillman City
The gist: When Covid closed this Northwest-Filipino tasting menu spot, it reopened with a hybrid CSA and meal-kit balikbayan box and a takeout program called pamana. 
The food: Chef Aaron Verzosa uses local ingredients to imitate the Filipino foods he grew up with, like roasted local pork belly with their house-made palapa sauce.
The cost: $50 buys you a main for 4-6 people, sides are $10-20.
How to order: Order on Tock for scheduled pick-up.

Lil Red Takeout

Rainier Valley
The gist: This slip of a place on the side of Rainier Ave brings big heart and big flavors to Jamaican and soul food, including the newly added breakfast menu.
The food: Curry chicken, pork rib tips, oxtails, mac and cheese, plantains.
The cost: Sandwiches from $9, meals from $14.
How to order: Order for pickup or delivery through Grubhub.
Kin Len Thai Night Bites
Courtesy of Kin Len

Kin Len Thai Night Bites

The gist: Though the ethos behind the name (literally "eat and play") loses a little with takeout, the fun and creativity behind the restaurant shines through in the Thai-inspired small plates.
The food: Dishes like banana blossom fries and spicy octopus carpaccio bring the flavors and techniques of Thai cuisine into unique dishes.
The cost: The size and style range of dishes is all over the place, but entrees are $15-20.
How to order: Order online for pickup.

Jerk Shack

The gist: As the name implies, this spot specializes in Jerk-rubbed dishes and other inspiration from the Caribbean islands -- a particular treat when the big back patio opens. 
The food: Get your spiced shrimp, jerk chicken, meat, or fried fish wrapped in bake (fry bread), in pasta, or on rice.
The cost: Sandwiches run $12-15.
How to order: Order by phone for pickup (206) 441-7817.
Breezy Town Pizza
Courtesy of Breezy Town Pizza

Breezy Town Pizza

Beacon Hill
The gist: This sister spot to longtime favorite Chicago-style Windy City Pie is just a little takeout window inside the Clockout Lounge serving up a slightly different style of pizza.
The food: Midwestern pan pizzas complete with Wisconsin brick cheese with big flavor toppings like hot giardiniera and blue cheese.
The cost: Pizzas start at $21.
How to order: Order for pickup or delivery online.
Courtesy of Addo


The gist: Part bespoke food boutique, part takeout restaurant, part... well, you never actually know what comes next at Eric Rivera's culinary funhouse, but whatever you order -- Puerto Rican spices, seafood dinner, or interactive cooking class -- it will be unique and delicious.
The food: Order a pig roast one day and a tasting menu at home another, if you want it, Addo probably sells it.
The cost: Costs vary depending on the item.
How to order: Everything goes through the online booking system for scheduled pickup or delivery.
Frelard Tamales
Courtesy of Frelard Tamales

Frelard Tamales

Green Lake
The gist: A small storefront, evolved from a mobile service, selling half-pound honkers of tamales, both frozen or ready to eat.
The food: Tender, flavorful tamales made with natural and organic ingredients in classic flavors like salsa verde chicken and jalapeño and cheese.
The cost: $5 each tamal.
How to order: Order for pickup or delivery online.

Chef King

The gist: The menu of Sichuan-style Chinese food brings the heat in all the right places and brings diners a wide variety that goes well beyond the standards.
The food: Specialties like Rongcheng rock candy and Yibin noodle make this stand out in Seattle's sea of Sichuan food.
The cost: Entrees range from $12-20.
How to order: Order online or by phone (206) 829-9357 for pickup.