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The Definitive Guide to Tacoma's Best Bars and Restaurants

Updated On 10/18/2017 at 04:14PM EST Updated On 10/18/2017 at 04:14PM EST
harmon tap room pizza
Harmon Tap Room | Laura R Jones Photography
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Best burger and nostalgia pairing: Frisko Freeze

1201 Division Avenue
This cheap and messy drive-in burger shack has been around forever and never bothered to add any frills, but no one cares ‘cause it’s serving the kind of hot, tasty burgers and fries -- along with a killer chocolate malted milkshake -- that have been keeping people happy for half-a-century (it's even on the local register of historic places). Whether stopping in for a high-school date night or passing through for a drive-through snack, the fact that $6 can still buy you a burger and fries will instill pangs of nostalgia in even those who didn't grow up eating under the iconic red and white sign.

Best Chinese food: Tacoma Szechuan

9601 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood
From Chinese-American standards like General Tso’s to regional specialties like sautéed rabbit, this spot serves up a menu of more than 100 different dishes without shying away from the necessary spices. As a Tacoma classic (previously known as Three Sisters, before the titular siblings sold to an employee) waits can be long, but discerning diners will have forgotten that by the time they sit down among the usual Chinese-American restaurant decor trappings and the steamed dumplings (a must-order) hit the table.

Laura R Jones Photography

Best brew pub: Harmon Tap Room

204 St Helens Avenue
Tacoma’s best-known brewer has a number of spots, but this is the one to hit for serious beer drinking and bar snacking -- plus it’s where the beer is actually brewed. In addition to their own beers, Harmon fills its 20 taps with other awesome ales, and does a menu where one half is made up entirely of nachos. Harmon is pretty much the Platonic ideal of the Northwest brewery: wild salmon on the menu, big wooden beams in the ceiling, and plenty of hoppy IPAs.

Best fish & chips: The Spar

2121 N 30th Street
"You know that one place with the great fish & chips?" That's Spar. Just a few steps from the waterfront, the Spar has everything a saltwater-adjacent pub should have: a warm welcome, plenty of beer on tap, a great view, and, again, a killer fish & chips.

Flickr/George Wesley & Bonita Dannells

Best comfort food: Southern Kitchen

1716 6th Avenue
Start your day with grits and eggs, finish it with a fried pork chop, and maybe stop in between for a catfish sandwich. Anything you’re craving from south of the Mason-Dixon line is better here than anywhere else in the area. The down-home feel extends from the bacon-fat-happy kitchen out to the warm, welcoming attitude of the servers moving between the checked-tablecloth-covered tables laden with cornbread dressing, gravy, and sweet potato pie.

Best bar for pretending you’re on vacation: Tacoma Cabana

728 Pacific Avenue
Classic tiki drinks are the star, but the whole place is warmed to beach-vacation temperatures by the love of all things faux-Polynesian. The surfboard décor, pu-pu platters, and island-themed soundtrack are beautifully absurd without being overly kitschy. The owner -- renowned bartender Jason Alexander -- has managed to marry his serious bartending and rum collection with the endless fun of tiki, resulting in an assortment of delicious mai tais to choose from.

Terry Rishel

Best tavern: The Swiss

1904 Jefferson Avenue
You could pay good money to hit up the Museum of Glass and the Washington State History Museum (both also in Tacoma). Or you could come here, get some food, hang out in a nearly century-old building decorated with Chihuly glass on the bar, and kill three birds with one stone. Like any good PNW bar, the tap list is longer than the bill you'll get if you break any of that fancy glass, so drink carefully whilst enjoying the live music or playing some Skee-Ball.

Jack Saffle

Best beer bar: The Red Hot

2914 6th Avenue
How do you improve on a bar with such a huge list of great craft beers? You add a hot dog menu, obviously. Because whether you're sipping a local oatmeal stout at 9 in the morning for the weekly "beer breakfast" or exploring the intricacies of various IPAS -- from Stonehenge Tangerine on cask to those from tiny local brewers like Northish Beer Co.-- the intriguing tap list always has something new and interesting (Horchata milk stout, anyone?) and a comforting classic (Scuttlebutt's Amber Ale).

Naomi Tomky/Thrillist

Best donuts: Original House of Donuts

766 St Helens Avenue
In the race for best fried dough in the South Sound -- a stiff competition -- the old-school, classic, and comically large maple bars and friends at Original House of Donuts take the cake (pun intended). Whether you're in the market for a dozen emoji-decorated, chocolate-filled, or just want an apple fritter to get you through the morning, this shop keeps the case filled with fresh, delicious donuts all day.

Best at being impossibly Northwest: 3uilt

2101 Jefferson Avenue
IPAs and oysters are two of the Northwest's signature items, and here at the oyster bar embedded into the Seven Seas Taproom, you can have them both -- inside the historic Heidelberg Brewery. The micro-restaurant-within-a-brewery serves up shucked-to-order oysters from local favorite Taylor Shellfish, along with premium sandwiches, and -- of course -- fresh beer on-top (which you can watch getting made while you dine).