Ethan Stowell's Cap Hill salumeria

If Ethan Stowell wants to open a salumeria, you'd probably better go, because he's already pretty much mastered everything else. And now he's sharing those fine sliced meats in a washed-wood-heavy 30-seater adjacent to Anchovies & Olives in Cap Hill. BC's dining room/ bar overlook an open kitchen where naughty chefs are apparently forced to write the restaurant's seemingly endless list of available meats on a chalkboard.Meats can be ordered individually, or as a five-meat "chef's choice", which -- judging from the photographic evidence above -- is probably the move. Additional eats include salad and bruschetta options, and a bunch of 13in pizzas like the prosciutto/ arugula/ fior di latte/ tomato Parma, which is HAM to pass up.The name of the place wouldn't make much sense (but probably still slightly more than Stowell's How To Cook A Wolf) if there weren't one of these.Despite a solid list of mostly Italian wines, the bar's actually focused on cocktails like an Old Overholt-/ Averna-/ Strega-based barrel-aged number that's called what you must be if you can't find something you like in at least one of Chef Stowell's spots: A Loathsome Bastard.