Chicken and waffles 24hrs a day on Cap Hill

Lost Lake Cafe Beecher's Fried Cheese Curds

The crew behind the 5 Point Cafe called it that 'cause it's located right where five streets come together, so, as you'd imagine, their new Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge is located right next to... um, one of the busiest street corners in all of Seattle?! Actually, it kinda makes sense, 'cause while Pike/Pine is swimming in bars, restaurants, and other night spots, what it really needed was a place where you could dive into deep-fried cheese curds and pancakes 24hrs a day.Inside, Lost Lake is stylishly lost in time, its space dominated by an old-school diner-style bar and clad in '60s-era decor ranging from faux wood paneling to chandeliers the Jetsons would love.Inside YOU is where you put classic American eats from their massive menu, starting with two-egg breakfasts w/ bacon, ham, etc., a handful of eggs Benedict choices, or a shton of other options ranging from fried chicken and waffles, to a giant skillet called THE MESS, which is what you'll be if you try to finish it. Besides AM eats, there are diner-style sandwiches (Philly cheesesteaks) and burgers (Juicy Lucy), seriously fatty apps like the "Beecher’s Deep Fried Cheese Curds" shown above, or fried mac & cheese wedges that -- if you're not careful -- will ensure any chance of you going shirtless at the lake this summer is lost.

Lost Lake Cafe interior
Lost Lake Cafe breakfast
Lost Lake Cafe dinner