Seattle's newest burgers are from... Japan?!

Buriyaki Katsubu

If there are two things people from Seattle love, it's reminding people that it doesn't actually rain all that much around here, and complaining about how much it rains around here. But if there are two more things that people from Seattle love, it's burgers and teriyaki*, which, just like the first two, don't really seem to work together... until now, thanks to a spot called Buriyaki, which's taking classic burgers and... waitforit!... raining Japanese flavors down on top of 'em.


This counter service-style spot is located inside the Marion Court Food Court, which is also what they call the court in which the Suns tried to get back some of the Matrix's money before trading Shawn's increasingly fat ass to Dallas.

Buriyaki Burger

Burger options are highlighted by the fried beef-based Katsubu (above) and the grilled chicken & pineapple Samurai.


Pork loin and (sigh) vegetables like carrots, onion, lettuce, etc. top the Butaniku, which is presumably Japanese for... uh, something.


Finally, this Tokyo Classic is headlined by two things that do usually go together... in Mexico(!)... pulled pork and jalapeño.

*You may say, "But what about Pho, or seafood?!". We say, "This piece is about burgers and teriyaki, reader, so STFU!".