Polish eats hit Eastlake

Who do you give the credit to when two brothers claim they're responsible for putting dinner on your table? Easy... the one who bribes you with the most Stove Top stuffing Mom. It's not different at Sebi's Bistro, a super laid-back 60-seater in Eastlake, which's named after one brother, run by another who played football at UW, but features the mom in the kitchen turning out legit, home-style Polish eats she fed 'em growing up.

They stripped the gloomy wall paper and carpets out of the old Romio's pizza joint to give you this quaint, Euro-inspired interior. But don't worry, they kept the arch.

Post up at their small bar, or at one of their colorfully tableclothed... um, tables and tuck immediately into Polish mainstays like Beef Stroganoff, sausages, or pierogi, which would be sweet if they were just meat-stuffed dumplings, but are kind of the sweetest, because these ones are also topped with bacon

For the less adventurous, there's standard pub fare pimped with Polish flavors like this sausage/ham/mushroom pizza

You'll be washing it down w/ one of their standard 'tails made with Polish vodka, or a selection of suds from their homeland that's bigger than the selection at any other bar in Seattle. Of course it still would be if they only had one Polish beer, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

Everything at Sebi's is as Polish as... well, as apple pie, which is their national dessert, and a rich/tart treat from Mom in the kitchen.